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Friday, September 29, 2017


Probably the only reason I haven't cancelled my Netflix subscription yet is because of Stranger Things. (Let's be real though, I will never be able to quit Netflix even if I'm jobless like now because TV is LIFE.) I loved the first season and in fact, I watched it a total of THREE TIMES in a span of two weeks?? Something like that. It was just so compulsively watchable that I remember sleeping at 7AM just to finish it all. (Pro-tip: Do not start watching a series at midnight.) Admittedly, what initially hooked me was these kids playing Dungeons and Dragons because I play D&D myself. But each episode was more gripping than the previous and I was unstoppable as I queued an episode right after the other. IT IS JUST THAT GOOD. What made Stranger Things even more fun for me was watching it again with my friends, most of which also play D&D with me, and discussing it and loving it altogether.

So this October, I am planning on hosting a Stranger Things viewing party!!!!111 YAY!!!! *confetti* And now, you gotta help me with it!

I'm no stranger to holding house parties at my very small apartment. And by small, I mean 15 sqm for my sister and I, which includes two beds (and one pull-out bed), a bathroom, and a kitchen counter and sink. I also have a refrigerator, a table, a closet, and a shoe cabinet. Basically, it's tight. But I have held slumber parties of ten people (and more!) in there and we've seen tons of movies, including Kimi no NawaThe Blair Witch Project, and Now You See Me 2 among others. We've also gotten hammered in there. And of course, there were lots of food. Have I mentioned that they're potluck parties too? Yes, I love my friends and hosting them. (Even if, let's be honest, it's kinda stressful too.)


This time around, I want to hold a Stranger Things viewing party. It would be hitting all the birds with one stone. I get to watch it, my friends get to watch it, we get to watch it together, and we can discuss it right away. It'll also serve as bit of bonding time since I haven't hosted a lot of people in probably a year and I miss having people over! But first, the preparation.

I want it to be kinda grand, in which, I want invitations! Online invitations are a thing now and I am thankful for sites such as Paperless Post because I am not crafty with my hands! Now, my problem is choosing from thousands of designs available in there. (I know, what a problem, right?) And here's where I need your help! Do check them out (and follow them for your own invitation/card needs!) and let me know if you see something that would fit my ~party~? I've looked into the viewing party invitations but I'm also trying out the more general invitations.

Next order of business: FOOD. I want the food to be in theme too but if you've seen Stranger Things, they mostly just eat cereals, junk food, and of course, Eggos. I want real, filling food though so now, I'm at a loss on what to serve. I doubt my friends would bring foods in theme but I at least want to have something that is very Stranger Things-esque. I'm still brainstorming but if you have an idea, please send them my way? If all else fails, I'll just get a cake. And Eggos. #basic

Lastly, costumes and decoration! I think only a few of my friends will do so but it's going to be kind of an early Halloween party too! No one can top this cosplay but it's still worth a try!

And that's it! Basically, I just threw into the ether that I'm hosting a viewing party but I have absolutely no plans yet. I still have a month though! *tries not to panic*

This post was written in partnership with Paperless Post. Do check them out and give them a follow!

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  1. Team Wanderlust Reader is also excited for Stranger Things 2. God bless on your upcoming party on this. Awesome blog by the way ^_^


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