Accompanying Tweets to The Lover's Dictionary by David Levithan: M

Thursday, April 20, 2017

macabre, adj.: You keep the ravens in your head in a loose cage, allowing them to whisper their worst-case darkness between the bars.

macerate, v.: This is why I pull away sometimes. To soak in love is to be weakened by it. Better to swim in it, then come back to shore.

machination, n.: I know those gears, and see the way they are greased by insecurity. When thinks work too well, I am suspicious.

mad, adj.: There is nothing crazy about my anger when you say you’ll do something then don’t, and somehow find a way to blame me.

madcap, adj.: Let's revel across rooftops, tango through turnstiles, and trip over ourselves, laughing.

madly, adv.: I had to stop thinking of my little be for you as rational or irrational; it exists Ina space beyond rationality.

mafia, n.:  Your friends were much more intimidating than your family, because they mattered more to you.

magic, n.: To be in love, you have to let yourself live in the realm of the unexplainable, glorious and treacherous as it is.

magisterial, adj.:  Every now and then we need to surround ourselves with things that are greater than us, like mountains or symphonies.

magma, n.:  The thin layer of anger that waits beneath the surface; it’s not who we are, but it’s part of what made us.
magnanimous, adj.: I liked that you offered me your leftover fries, and then later, when it was just assumed that I would take them.

magnetosphere, n.:  What happens is there’s now another layer outside of yourself, the pull of this other person that also leads to you.

magnificent, adj.:  You woke me to see the sunrise, and though was tired, I never questioned it. Together at the window, we beheld.

magnify, v.:  Every time you say it isn’t a problem, it only makes the problem larger in my eyes.

magpie, n.:  Yes, I search for the moments with you that will glimmer as much in hindsight as they gleam while they happen.

mailbox, n.:  It was strange to see us sorted together, to acknowledge that were now really the same place.

maim, v.:  You missed a piece of the broken bottle; I found it on my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

main, adj.:  You are the one above all the others, which does not negate all the others, but at least should give you a vantage point.

mainstream, adj.: You hate it when I love something popular until I prove to you that I've made it personal to me.

maintenance, n.: If the faucet is dripping, you can't spend the whole relationship trying to ignore it. You have to fix it.

major, adj.:  I started wanting my friends to invite you along, because I wanted them to know you, but also because I missed you.

makeable, adj.:  I looked into your eyes and thought, yes, wow, we can build this.

makeover, n.:  I said it wasn’t you I wanted to change, it was your taste in lamps, and you treated it like it was the same thing.

maladjusted, adj.:  I ask for strength to change the whole world because that often feels easier than changing myself.

maladroit, adj.:  I only want to change the channel. It’s just that the remote control has too many buttons.

malady, n.:  I drown things out with quiet; you drown them out with noise.

malaise, n.:  “Let’s get out of here,” you say, because the apartment is a prison to which I’ve sentenced myself, for lack of better idea.

malaprop, n.:  You gave me the wood for the fire and said, “Here’s my lumber – call me maybe.”

malcontent, n.: I can be inspired by your quixotic attempts at world-improvement, but other times I want you to stop complaining.

malediction, n.:  Wanting to be male too much, or wanting a male too much; pronounced “male addiction.”

malevolent, adj.:  It is always amusing to watch the expression on your face when you are stuck behind a slow walker or slower driver.

malfunction, n.:  The wrong thing to say has an awful ability to disguise itself as the right thing to say, and I mistake it all the time.

malicious, adj.:  Love is the agreement to leave the knives in their drawers, not an encouragement to wield them more.

malinger, v.:  I swear, it’s believable that we would both happen to call in sick on the same day. Plus, our bosses don’t know each other.

malleable, adj.:  The precarious balance of love – to change each other without any breaks or cracks, just a slow alteration of form.

malpractice, n.: I feel all the potential damages, all the ways this could go wrong, and how I won’t have any recourse but sadness.

mambo, v.: To use your body as a sexy blade, as a way of cutting loose.

manage, v.:  Help me take this constant bombardment and turn it into the kind of traffic that moves.

managerial, adj.:  At no point did I agree to be your employee, so it’s best not to talk to me that way. Take out your own damn garbage.

mandate, n.:  I don’t care what we call each other, but once we acknowledge we’re together, I take that as a reason to act together.

mandatory, adj.: I would never proscribe what you had to vote for, but there are certainly some options that have to be off the table.

maneuver, v.:  Alarm-forgotten mornings when we were both late, touching you every time I passed you, because I could.

mangle, v.: May the worst damage we do be to syntax.

manic, adj.:  There is too much life to be contained in my life, so I try to speed it up, amplify it, as if that creates more space.

manifestation, n.:  That’s what a kiss is – the most direct way we have to make something as undefinable as love be real to us.

manifesto, n.: If we form our nation of two, let us try to build it on truths rather than lies, even though that's the difficult thing to do

manifold, adj.:  All the different things I feel, folded up inside me. Then there you are, unfolding them, and both of us are surprised.

manipulate, v.: I have to know that when I fall into your arms, you won’t carry me somewhere I don’t want to be.

mantra, n.:  I feel that if I could crawl into the central space of all of your words, I would find you there saying, Make this okay.

manual, n.: Any one-size-fits-all guide for doing this is a fraud. You cannot be an expert on anyone besides yourself. And even then…

manufacture, v.:  An “I love you” isn’t something you should have to build; it should feel already built, left to you to express.

manuscript, n.:  We live first-draft lives, unable to go back and revise, but hopefully getting better the more we write.

many, adj.:  I love you not just for the way you love me, but for the way you love other people, other things.

map, n.: Even though it’s spelled out on my phone, I’m nervous when you ask me to navigate. You don’t take wrong turns well.

maraschino, n.: I liked the respect you showed when I said, “No, I’m saving it for last.”

marathon, n.:  There comes a point in love when exhaustion meets exhilaration, and the result is endurance.

maraud, v.:  If an outsider comes and steals your love, then it won’t have weighed nearly as much as I think it does.

marcescent, adj.:  My impulse as a petal is to cling to the stem, forgetting that the bloom of love is a regenerative thing.

margarita, n.:  I should have taken some pause when you said this contained “all the major food groups”…and meant it.

marginalia, n.:  I enjoy you as much for what you say about the story as for the story itself.

marionette, n.:  Forget 'no strings attached.' I want the strings attached. But I don’t ever want to feel that you’re pulling them.

maroon, v.:  It’s not the desert island I’m afraid of; never leave me alone in a crowded room.

marriage, n.:  Until I know how we define us, I don’t want the world to define us.

marshmallow, n.: A fluffy reminder to never mistake momentary pleasure for nutrition.

marvel, v.: To release myself from the dark room and encounter the wide world.

mascot, n.: You cast a cuddly eye on me, and all at once I feel I’m an emblem rather than a teammate.

mask, n.: We put ourselves in everything we create, so even what’s meant to obscure ends up carrying filaments of truth.

masquerade, n.: At Aline’s party, I  see you pretending, and I don’t like the person you’re pretending to be as much as I like the real you.

massage, v.: Love becomes a manual act, affection the work of hands. I cannot relax into strangers’, but I can relax into you.

master, v.: There are things within me I want to tame, but I will not allow anyone but me to tame them.

masterplan, n.: The best I can offer is to love you, and see what happens.

masticate, v.:  I will invent dinnertime conversation just to fill the silence that isn’t nearly silent enough.

match, v./n.: You go on that first date to see if it will ignite, then spend the rest protecting that first flame from going out.

mate, n.: I am standing there after folding the laundry, holding that single sock, worrying about what will happen to it now.

material, n.: Love will keep you warm, but it isn’t waterproof. It dries over time.

mathematic, adj.:  We defy any equation that isn’t 1 + 1 = 2. But even that mystifies, since the nuances of the plus are variant.

matinee, n.: We sneak in amidst the children and the parents and the senior citizens and feel like we’re spies from a freer world.

matter, n./v.:  I like to believe that ultimately what we care about is what we are made of.

maturity, n.:  When it doesn’t feel like play-acting, being an adult.

maudlin, adj.: “No one’s ever loved me but you,” you slur. And I wonder if you dropped those last two words when you were back at the bar.

mawkish, adj.: “No one’s ever loved me but you” – what a resentful responsibility to put on a person, even in the guise of praise.

maybe, adv.: You think I'm hedging toward a no, but I could just as easily be seeing a yes embroidered on the future. What may be, may be.

maze, n.: I know I’m twisting our path as you walk it, but know I’m singing as loud as I can at the center, hoping you will find me there.

me, pronoun:  I am constantly trying to define this one, so don’t expect me to know.

meadow, n.: To be so far out of the city that there aren’t any traces of the city left, even in our thoughts.

meager, adj.: There are days we have that can be measured in mere dozens of words, and I feel less because of them.

mealtime, n.:  You told me you were happy to compete with the food for my attention, but not with the phone or the TV or the computer.

mean, adj.: When you know a person’s weakness and use it to build your own strength; it hurts more coming from someone you love.

mean, v.: There are always words behind my words, and with you, I want to make it a transparent translation, a glass language.

means, pl. noun.:  That’s the thing with love – there are no ends, only ongoings.

meanwhile, adv.: Even in the heat of our moment, I must remember there are other narratives within you that have nothing to do with me.

measure, v.:  It is not the number of times you say “I love you” but the incalculable depth to which you mean it.

mechanical, adj.: “I don’t know how to change a tire,” you said, “but I know how to find someone who does.”

meddle, v.: Trust is being the one who brings in the mail, and not questioning every handwritten return address.

mediate, v.: We've never had someone be our middle ground. There are your friends and my friends. We are forced to be our own emissaries.

medicate, v.:  I know you’re scared, but you are still you. You’ve just lowered the difficulty level a notch.

mediocre, adj.:  I don’t care if you’re bad at something, but I will not let you act as if you will never be good at anything.

meditation, n.: “Were you napping?” I ask. You say, “No, I was thinking.” I nod and leave the room quietly, as if you were napping.

medium, adj.: If our options are mild to spicy, I am comfortable with our relationship landing somewhere in between.

medley, n.: You think the trick with love is to find the right song, but really it’s the act of finding the songs that go together well.

meek, adj.: I didn’t want to stand up to you, afraid to give you a reason to leave. Eventually I realized neither of us can live like that.

meet, v.: Is it the first hello written or the first hello said? The first introduction or the first time words heighten to understanding?

meh, exclam.: A fit of lazy commentary.

melancholy, adj.: Life feels neither awake nor asleep and there’s nothing I can do about it.

meld, v.: Summer hands sealed by sweat, unexpectedly comfortable.

melee, n.: As the crowd at the concert began to turn into a restless, pushing beast, you read my mind and searched for the exit.

melliferous, adj.:  You can be a hive of restlessness, but then you’ll calm and yield a slow sweetness.

mellow, adj.: You can be relaxed, for sure, but it's not okay for you to be unconcerned.

melodic, adj.: The sounds most pleasing to my ear are the ones that are telling the truth.

melodramatic, adj.: I get caught in the spotlight of my self-righteousness and the stage constricts to the size of my own concerns.

meltdown, n.: After one too many wrong turns, you start cursing the car, the road, the trees, and me if I open my mouth.

membrane, n.: When I said I couldn’t trust you, I wanted my words to travel like ink under your skin and stay there forever.

meme, n.:  An extraneous posting, often involving a kitten, which underneath is a cry of “me! me!”

memento, n.: Without my love for you, the hula girl on my desk is just a souvenir of a place, not a souvenir of a person and a time.

memorable, adj.: There’s no hitting save here. The mind holds on to what the mind can hold. We can ask it to grab, but it makes no promises.

memorial, n.: Words will last, for as long as there is someone who wants to read them.

memorize, v.: I lay the tracing paper over the moment, but the best I’ll retain is a rough sketch.

menace, v.:  The days move too quickly.

menagerie, n.:  I have nightmares where you blithely walk into a pet store and say, “I’ll have one of each!”

mend, v.:  It’s okay if the stitching shows. We aren’t together to be fashionable; the important thing is that our love can still be worn.

mendacity, n.: Why is it, when you love someone so much, you can recognize the breath before a lie?

menial, adj.: No one thinks love is about washing dishes or taking out the garbage, but if you forget that, love gets quickly frustrated.

mentality, n.: We don't look on the bright side, because it hurts our eyes. Nor do we stay in the dark. We try to see in a realistic light.

mention, v.: "I'm sure I already told you this," you say, and I'm sure you're relying on the leeway of my poor memory, which isn't fair.

mentor, v.: I don’t want you to teach me what you know. I want you to share with me what you’re learning.

menu, n.: Of all the choices, we wanted the same one. Neither of us changed our order, agreeing it was silly to deny ourselves

mercenary, adj.: You see furniture left on the street as an opportunity, and I see it as an opportunity for bedbugs.

merciful, adj.: We have the power to relent in a relentless world, to make peace with the forces that bring us the least peace.

mercy, n.: This isn't something we can just show; it's something we have to live, each and every day.

mere, adj.:  Everything we grace with our attention deserves respect for the time it has taken. Or so I try to remind myself.

merge, v.:  Neither of us was ready to let our own books go, so visitors could see the overlap of our taste as pairings on the shelf.

merrily, adv.: Summer swirls its skirts and a sunset falls; I hold your hand as we walk next to the water, our life together rowing along.

mesmeric, adj.: I don’t love the color of your eyes. I love the way the color alters, the inexact beauty of the never fully seen.

mess, n.: The only way to stop the neglect spiral is to sort myself enough to sort through my things and put them in their right places.

message, n.:  I’d only been gone from you for a minute when you returned to me in words. The fact you hadn’t waited was all I needed.

messenger, n.: Still there are time I wish I didn't have to be my own postman, that there was some separation between send and deliver.

metabolism, n.: I am going to have a third donut anyway.

metamorphosis, n.:  Love turns us into winged creatures, venturing in ways we never could have conceived in our crawling days.

metaphor, n.:  The faith that your mind can make the same connection that I do.

method, n.:  You don’t think you have many, until you live with someone. (How to clean dishes. How to pack a suitcase. How to pray.)

meticulous, adj.: We'll never be able to solder our sense of time to the reality of time itself. I just hope we share the same imprecision.

metropolis, n.:  The way to survive is to find the people who know you when you are surrounded by all the people who don’t.

mettle, n.: To face your frenzy; to be the still point in the storm that you don’t even recognize is a storm.

mezzanine, n.: The state of not being able to afford to be close to the actors; good for people-watching if the drama gets slow.

miasma, n.: You tell me to turn off the news. I do, but the scent of it lingers, and I refuse to perfume it and pretend it's not there.

microclimate, n.: The tension confines us and our minds actually believe that everything important is in this room.

midair, adj.: Our love rises and falls. So we must appreciate the moments when we’re floating in between, when there’s no need for gravity.

middle, n.:  After a few months, I realized we were no longer at the start; we’re made it to the part that would be the most of it.

middling, adj.: Your defense of me can barely make it off the couch, and would much rather be watching TV.

midnight, n.:  The longing hour, whether it’s for sex or love or simply sleep.

miff, v.: Because you and I need as many words as possible to distinguish annoyance from genuine anger.

might, n./v.: In the war between strength and uncertainty, uncertainty is the more active presence.

migrate, v.: Riding the subway back to you, I smile and think of commuting as a form of leaving and coming home, a turn of seasons each day.

mild, adj.:  This is an insult to anything that isn’t weather.

mileage, n.: Like a pilot learns the air, I learn your temperament.

milestone, n.:  In love we mark our own miles, because distance, like time, bends to our shared definition.

milieu, n.: The only way I can think to change the feel of a room is to change the music that’s filling it.

milksop, n.:  Because when I let you talk down to me, it’s like my blood has turned to milk, my whole body souring by the second.

millesimal, adj.: There are the pieces of love we know well, and then there are those we must discover, so many more than we ever expect.

mime, v.: You are incapable of imitating me; every time you spring your version onto the world, it does not have my voice.

mimesis, n.: I’ve never seen a couple on TV and thought, “I want to be them” – they have it easy, because they don’t have to be real.

mimosa, n.:  It’s only on Sunday afternoons that you believe this to be an acceptable name for our hypothetical daughter.

mind, v.: As if having a thought is synonymous with being bothered, or having to keep an eye out.

mindboggling, adj.: Love revels in its confusions, which means we should, too, rather than having them stymie us.

mindreader, n.: Lovers’ thoughts run in similar but unidentical languages, i.e. you think in Spanish and I try to read it as Portuguese.

mine, poss. pron.: There are things about me and things I have that I don’t want to give up unless I choose to do so.

minefield, n.: Some of them were placed there before I was born, and I’m as surprised as you when they go off.

mingle, v.: To get out of my own head long enough to get into other people’s.

minibar, n.: Den of overpriced temptation, where hunger faces off against the absurd.

minimalist, adj.: Inadequate.

minimum, n.: To know that you're a good person and that you know I'm a good person, and any fight we have is one between two good people.

minister, v.: To find the prayer in the act of taking care of someone else.

minor, adj.: I can tell the difference between you forgetting to introduce me and you forgetting that I’m there.

minus, n.: To love someone is to live with the fear of who you will become without it.

minute, n.: The time that elapses between me asking if you are ready and you calling back that you are not.

miracle, n.: This one is simple -- there was no reason for me to find you, or for you to find me. The reasons come after.

mirage, n.: So many years of being buried by the marriage plot, then realizing those ideals are as real as ghosts.

mire, v.: The chaos outside bleeds into the chaos inside, and I need you to give my life some form again.

mirror, v.: You do not always choose to be reflective; I just have to know how to look at you the right way. 

mirth, n.: Sometimes the strongest bond we can have is a common amusement, an unspoken, mutual agreement to laugh in the face of despair.

misanthropic, adj.: You have to be crowded into this kind of hate; when I see it coming, I try to be the buffer, the firebreak. 

miscast, v./adj.: I like to think I make a very bad villain.

miscellaneous, adj.: You always think we’re out of dental floss, so there are spinnets of it everywhere, like a spider saving up.

mischief, n.: “You left your keys,” you text me. Then, after I’ve panicked, “Never mind – they’re on the piano.”

miscommunication, n.: The makers of our language left a clear field around the word “love” so nothing else would sound just like it.

misconstrue, v.: I took your “Do you want to leave?” to mean you wanted to leave, which you didn’t mean at all.

misdemeanor, n.: Drunk while texting; drunk while complaining; drunk while operating heavy foolery.

miserabilism, n.: When the gloom becomes a religious belief, and you firmly seek the conversion of others.

misfit, n.: The great thing about square pegs is that they fit nicely against each other; we don't need any round holes to do our part.

misgiving, n.: Knowing we had the same key, I still needed to have a bolt on the door that could only be opened from the inside.

misleading, adj.: Finding an other of some significance is not the end of concern, but only the start of a different form of concern.

mismatch, n.: “They’re both still socks,” you said. “My feet are still warm.” Maybe that’s us, blue and black, useful rather than identical.

misnomer, n.: “Lover” makes it sound as if you're the only one required to love, that to be in a relationship is to give, not also receive.

miss, v.: To feel your life is a long way from its anchor.

mission, n.: You ask me what I want and I tell you I want happiness, but never at the expense of other people’s happiness.

misstep, n.: Unless you're up to buying me some new shoes, don't scuff me with your estimation of my footwear.

mistake, n.: Even when I pay attention, I miss things. Even when I add the sum, I can get the numbers wrong. I am sorry for this.

mitigate, v.:  It isn't fair to make me the buffer between you and the rest of the world, meant to temper your impact when its harmful.

mixtape, n.: Here's a sixteen-track digest of my world view, and you can sing along.

mnemonic, n.: My terrible week thirsts for serendipitous surprise.

moan, v.: Right where you want to be is right where I want you.

mobilize, v.: Part of love is the willingness to defend that love; part of building a safe home is pushing for a safe world around it.

mock, v.: I know I am hitting close to your insecurities when you choose to take aim at mine.

model, n.: Nothing is ever perfect close up.

moderation, n.: Sometimes I think I should love you less; sometimes I think I should love you more. Either way, I trust the balance.

modest, adj.:  You earn more credit when you don’t always take credit.

modification, n.:  I’d love it if you could fall asleep on your left side instead of your right.

mojo, n.: You’ve taught me – look inside any self-proclaimed rational person’s sock drawer, odds are you’ll find a lucky pair.

mold, v./n.: I tried to shape you, but you rotted against me.

mole, n.: It’s strange to think that, because of where it is on your back, I know it so much better than you do.

mollify, v.: When I do the calculation and decide it means more to you than it does to me.(Yes, I will change my pants before we go out.)

mollycoddle, v.: During the thunderstorm terrors, I have you to crawl into bed with, the shelter I lost now regained.

molt, v.: Hand me your old skin, and i will get rid of it for you.

momentary, adj.: Time will not let this last but we can make it last if we stay here . . . here . . . here . . . until we choose to leave.

monastic, adj.: Only in the sense that, even for us, illumination takes time.

mondial, adj.: We'll never change the world all at once, but I like to think you and I have a chance of altering it one person at a time.

money, n.: This is not the lovers’ currency; what we barter and exchange between us cannot be numeric, or seen in terms of debt and gain.

monochromatic, adj.: You only need one color to write down for me what all the other colors are like, on the days when I can't remember.

monogamy, n.: The belief that giving up everything else is the path to receiving everything.

monolithic, adj.: People who talk about love as if it can only be one thing don't have any idea what they're talking about.

monologue, n.: When I can put aside my self-consciousness about talking too much in order to tell you something that I hope isn’t too much.

monopoly, n.: If our time is our property, I don't mind if you build a house there. But when you start putting up hotels, we have a problem.

monstrous, adj.: We grant our fears their power and thus grant our monsters their form. The thing that keeps me up at night is me.

montage, n.: Memory as a collection of fragments, your mind always pausing a moment from one to the next, as if next time it won’t be there.

monumental, adj.: No erection lasts.

mooch, v.: First city year, we live off leftover conference-room catering, bringing empty containers so we can bring home the plunder.

moody, adj.: What a punishment this word is, ignoring the fact that it’s the person who doesn’t ever shift moods who has the real problem.

moonrise, n.: Love starts with the fanfare of the sun, then gradually takes on the rhythm of the moon, faithful but with less spectacle.

moot, adj.: If you have to ask “do you love me?” then you will never be satisfied that an answer of yes is true.

mope, v.:  To let your shoulders do the speaking.

moral, n.: I could not love you if I didn’t have faith in you to consider the well being of others as much as you consider your own.

morale, n.: In situation like this is, tell me that no matter what bad things happen, we will make good things, and they will matter.

morass, n.: What happens when you seek more ass.

moratorium, n.: I won’t ask you to be responsible when I push myself into an abyss if you won’t ask me to pretend I'm on stable ground.

morbid, adj.: You tend to verbalize the gloom, tempered with humor, which is better than the way I act like it’s killing me from the inside.

more, adv.: We reach a point where it’s not that we need our love to be stronger; we just want as much time with it as we can get.

morning, n.: Opening my eyes, seeing sunlight, seeing you.

morpheme, n.: Together we work to create a word with two distinct roots.

morphometry, n.: The misguided belief that measuring the surface of any love will show you the truth of it.

mortality, n.: I don’t want to think about it, especially in terms of you.

mosaic, n.: We form our lives piece by piece from other lives; the more colorful we choose, the more fully formed the picture becomes.

mosey, v.: You walked away from our third date like you’d just won a game of darts and wanted all to know the next one would be yours, too.

most, adv.: What is a relationship if not the emergence of this word?

motion, n.: Even if our bodies aren’t moving, our thoughts usually are; we will never have a still point, only a perpetual effort.

motivate, v.: Please help me put a scrim over these screens, Help me create rather than observe or comment.

motive, n.: How to explain the way you put my head in the clouds and keep my feet close to the earth at the same time?

motley, adj.: It took awhile to see your friends weren’t a solid entity but instead a collection of odd individuals. Then I joined in.

motto, n.: "In the end, only kindness matters," I answered, and then was secretly relieved when you didn't ask me the source.

mourn, v.: I want your hand on my back as I speak a life out loud and find the moments I was missing.

mousetrap, n.: The lovers debate how much humaneness a small non-human deserves.

mouth, n.: Nature’s cruelty, that the spot you infuse with so many kisses and so much desire can also be the spot to tell you not to.

mouthpiece, n.: You open up your mouth and your parents’ words come out and you ask me to ignore them, even though you can’t. 

move, v.: I want us to take the path of a gentle heartbeat, highs and lows inevitable but not treacherous, trajectory always forward.

movement, n.: Your thoughts inspire revolutions in your sleep, and when my consciousness is wakened I try to keep my protest quiet yet firm.

moviegoing, n.: The opposite of being alone in the dark.

moxie, n.: Fighting brass knuckles with brash chuckles, because sometimes the best defense is the sheer force of your attitude.

muddle, n.: The shape made by my intentions, pride, talent, bias, idealism, humor, hurt, perspective and lack thereof.

mug, n.: I’m not sure what would happen if one morning I drank from yours and you drank from mine, but I’m glad we haven’t found out.

mull, v.: It's fine to give your thoughts some heat; too much, though, will spoil everything.

mulligan, n.: If my words fall flat because I don’t have the energy or skill to make them fly, give me another try, a sincere recalibration.

multifarious, adj.: Don't worry about whether you're my type; I'm attracted to some fonts more than others, but the words count the most.

multiply, v.: There is no such thing as a single lie; a lie always leads to other lies, especially when it remains hidden.

mumble, n.: I think you must be talking to the fridge, because it's the only thing in this room that could understand what you're saying.

mundane, adj.: The quieter fabric in the quilt, holding all our patterns together.

munificent, adj.: The best things you've given me can all be measured in days.

murk, n.: When the news is all confusion without solace, I will try to find your hand.

murmur, v.: Even when I scream, the heart still whispers. Even when I doubt, the heart still speaks me forward.

muse, n./v.: Before, I hadn't understood how learning about you and learning about myself could happen within the same thoughts.

music, n.: To change the sound of a moment, in order to make us feel more.

muss, v.: I like it best when I've messed up your careful plans.

must, v.: To hold to the laws the two of us draft for each other, out loud or in our heads, on a day-to-day or moment-to-moment basis.

mustache, n.: You killed it with four short words -- “like a small rodent.”

muster, v.: Sometimes I feel the soldiers I use to defend myself were conscripted against their will.

mutable, adj.: I am not a shapeshifter; I contain variations. That is what you must love and live with.

mutant, n.: What makes us strange gives us our superpowers.

mute, v.: Whenever I wish for your silence, it is only to quiet my own mind.

mutinous, adj.: I tell you not to bring up her ex at dinner, but three drinks in, you do, and I am ready to throw you overboard.

muzzy, adj.: No big decisions should ever be made at two in the morning, but at two in the morning, we can’t even remember that.

myopic, adj.: I pull you close because when the doubts hit, I trust my eyes better than I trust my heart.

myriad, n.: If you can only think of one reason to love someone, then that isn’t love, no matter how big the reason may be.

mysterious, adj.: Love gets easier once you realize you’re never going to solve it.

mystique, n.: I rely on other people to think of me as a voluptuous riddle; you know me too well to fall for this inadvertent pretending.

mythify, v.: As we go on, our how-we-met turns into an origin story, and the rest of our lives are reshaped around it.

mythomania, n.: Beware of the person who, when telling their own story, casts themself as a god.

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