Seeds Planted in Concrete by Bianca Sparacino

Thursday, February 9, 2017

It's not surprising that it was Dawn who got me to buy this one and read it. Whatever poetry book she recommends, I get and read.

Seeds Planted in Concrete
Title: Seeds Planted in Concrete
Author: Bianca Sparacino
Publisher: Thought Catalog Books
Date of Publication: December 23, 2015
Source: purchased (Kindle)

Through illustration and poetry, Seeds Planted in Concrete is Bianca Sparacino’s raw testament to the beauty that is found within the contrasts of life. By writing truthfully about the intricacies of both love and loss, Sparacino’s first collection of work is one that will speak to the very depths of those who read it, inspiring a will to love, and live. This collection is a manifesto of the journey every human being takes throughout their life; an assembly of words that celebrates the resilience of the human heart through stages of hurting, feeling, healing and loving.

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My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

I liked this poetry collection but I might not have been in the appropriate mood for it when I read it. I was quite angsty and in a wallowing headspace so it ended up being too peppy for me. That is to say, I think I would have appreciated this more if I needed a pick-me-up. It was definitely encouraging and affirmative, especially if you're in a bout of depression or demotivation. Unfortunately, I was kind of relishing feeling like a victim the time I read it so we didn't click. *hangs head in shame*

Aside from the lack of connection with it, the latter parts were very repetitive that I found myself just going through them without feeling them because YOU JUST SAID THAT OVER AND OVER AGAIN WE'VE BEEN HERE BEFORE. It felt like one of those speech videos meant to inspire or encourage you because I could predict what's going to be in the poem after a quite few kept on repeating not just the theme, but words and metaphors.

I do think people suffering from depression and people who feel like no one loves them and no one would end up loving them should read this book. It is uplifting and I wish people the good vibes I got from this one.

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