Finding X by Miles Tan

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

So as a STEM girl, I was pretty stoked to start this one because it has a geologist as a character, and one in grad school too. I'd take all the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) characters I can get. Sadly, my background in STEM kind of wrecked this one for me. Hahahuhu why can't I just suspend my disbelief?!?!?!

Finding X
Title: Finding X
Author: Miles Tan
Date of Publication: December 5, 2013
Source: purchased (Kindle)

Is there a science to falling in love?

Carlisle Santiago is through with men. After the devastating end of a seven-year relationship, she's trying to put her life back together. What she doesn't know is that she is the subject of the patient and methodical observations of blue-haired scientist Matteo Villegas, who just wants to find love himself. She must decide whether she's ready to give love another shot or if this is doomed to be one failed experiment.

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My Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Started this one while I was in Baguio (similar enough to Tagaytay, it felt like it was meant to be) for a work trip and finally finished it last Sunday when I was grasping at straws for distractions so I won't do my thesis proposal. Hahahahuhuhu. I planned on reviewing it immediately after but I was a bit too rage-y for that so I let my feelings subside first.

I gotta admit, if you don't have a background in molecular biology/immunology/biology, you might not have any issues with the book. Ultimately, I couldn't suspend my disbelief and just accept the inaccuracies (more like impossibilities and errors). I guess I expected that any science in this book would be correct, or even the reality of applying for grants and publishing. It wasn't even advertised that there will be a molecular biologist character in this one so I thought there wouldn't be any problems because the geology aspect was spot-on (but then again, those were just puns and jokes).

Prior to the disappointment/rage, I was about to rate this book 3 stars. It was cute but I didn't feel very shippy with it. I liked the main character and the love interest enough and I appreciated that it tackled work and heartbreak. I connected and empathized with Carlisle. Sadly, it was Matteo that didn't exactly click with me. Firstly, he came across as a bit creepy to me because of his stalking tendencies and his journal. His journal read like a cross between his personal diary and a laboratory notebook for experiments. I guess that was the point but it read as creepy to me! It didn't come across as a recording of his scientific query and results but AS STALKING. But when I realized that Matteo was a puppy and he's harmless, I felt better but I guess I'll never be that into him. He lacked something I couldn't pinpoint, maybe more of a character aside from his blue hair?

I feel so bad rating this book this way but I can't help my feelings~ It was a cute and okay story and I am usually forgiving with science in books, especially in sci-fi because it's fantasy. For example, I'm fine with some loopholes in time travels or if it's a dystopian/futuristic book, I could assume that that technology was possible. But with contemporaries like this one, I realized that I couldn't deal with that because THIS IS REAL LIFE. I feel so sad and mad because I wish I just didn't know. Or that the book just had a molecular biology student as a character but didn't go into details. 

Oh well. This was a cute enough story but if you have a background in biology, just, beware.


  1. I also have a copy of this but I don't know if I should read it since we somehow have the same taste in books. I just might end up nitpicking it.:/

    1. I usually say that people should still try books I didn't like but with this one and since it's you, I think it's highly probable that you'll just get mad like me. HAHA So yes, pass on this one! Beginner's Guide: Love and Other Chemical Reactions by Six de los Reyes would be a better pick (and her upcoming Sounds Like Summer!). Thanks for dropping by, Inah!


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