The Last Time I'll Write About You by Dawn Lanuza

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Of course I'm gonna read Dawn Lanuza's first poetry book (and succeeding ones as well). Here are my quick thoughts on this short collection~

The Last Time I'll Write About You
Title: The Last Time I'll Write About You
Author: Dawn Lanuza
Publisher: Indie Sisiw
Date of Publication: November 5, 2016
Source: purchased (Kindle)

Should I be
That my only idea
Of love

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My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Here's a winking, peace-sign-toting Lucky Blue Smith gif to ease the pain.

Now that we got that over with (the casual dropping of Lucky Blue Smith gif but not the feelings because let's be honest, feelings are hard to dispel), let's talk about The Last Time I'll Talk About You.

I immediately pre-ordered Dawn Lanuza's first poetry book once I knew of it. We're both into poetry and she recommends some and I read it. It's been like that. Her snippets and teasers prior to release day were promising (more than promising) so I kept getting more excited for it. But in reality, when Adrien bb the Kindle finally had it and I was about to start it, I GOT SCARED. WHAT IF I DON'T LIKE IT? It would be ~super~ awkward to keep mum about the book because I didn't love it and even if I didn't review it because I didn't want to rate it badly, I mean, Dawn would know that I didn't like it, right? Because I was so excited for it and I just disappeared. So I am so so relieved because I definitely liked Dawn's first poetry book and I hope it wouldn't be the last of hers.

This is a short collection and you'll finish it so quickly, well that is, if you can read them in one go. I know some people weren't able to because sometimes feelings can knock you over. The collection's divided into parts, parts of a relationship and the inevitable break-up. (Because they all end! HAHA) With that, the collection has a theme so that it evokes almost the same emotions. A lot of the poems are about romance, of what-could-have-beens and what-I-miss and what-I-wish. Which you know, had me feeling things, LOTS OF THINGS. Some were too true that they're kind of painful (about love and romance not happening to you because you won't let it) and some were fears that were hard for me to acknowledge and even more, vocalize (of decoys and related to that, this tweet by @sosadtoday). Most of the poems were short but I think the short ones actually pack the harder punches.

I think my only criticism of this collection is that I kind of felt it was repetitive? Although I could get past that since it's a themed collection. Imagery of beds were quite common or was it just me? And I guess because there's a specific theme, like I mentioned, the emotions it evoked from me were pretty much the same, but then again, not a glaring issue here.

But oh boy, do I loved the few poems on depression. I lapped those up and they had me feeling more (probably because all my love woe-is-me feelings are from my lack of one brought upon by my fear of ~real things and connections and risks~) than the bygone-romance poems.

All in all, a great poetry debut from Dawn Lanuza! This will give you F E E L I N G S so be ready for those. 

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    I still need to write my review because hell month but I'm really glad there's a poetry book in #romanceclass now. :)


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