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Monday, October 3, 2016

I almost wasn't able to go to #MorganMatsoninPH and I was already sad about it but the universe has aligned and let me go! YAY! After reading Morgan Matson's debut novel Amy and Roger's Epic Detour, which I loved so so much back in college, I ended up deciding to start book blogging (among other books). It was one of those books that made me love reading again and love YA. So Morgan Matson is a BIG EFFIN' DEAL for me, okay? Thank you to National Book Store for making this possible! For this fan to meet an author she loves! For this book blogger to meet one of the catalysts of this hobby!

Read on for the Q&A I got to participate in for #MorganMatsoninPH!

I would like to thank National Book Store for the chance to meet Morgan Matson, just one of the first YA authors I had loved. Sorry that this recap took so long. It was primarily my laziness/blogging slump but I honestly thought I left my press materials at home in the province, only to find it in my apartment in the city before I went home this Friday. Hahaha not only am I lazy but I'm also messy as well.

Precious of Fragments of Life asked Morgan if her love for theater would make her write a story about theater. Morgan said that she indeed loves theater and it shows as Amy in Amy and Roger's Epic Detour loves theater and Tom in The Unexpected Everything wants to be an actor. Before she starts writing abook, she plans out her characters first. She thought about writing a story about theater and she would love to write a play then write a book about the play with all the drama theater brings. I am personally excited for that book if she ever writes it!

Maricar of blackplume then proceeded to ask the pros and cons of writing under two different names: Morgan Matson and Katie Finn. She said it was fun to have a secret identity at the start to play around a different genre. A con would definitely be that it was too time-consuming and she ended up being late for both projects, especially when she had two books due the same year.

Hazel of Stay Bookish, who I know is such a big fan of Morgan as well, inquired about what drives Morgan to write realistic fiction for teens and Morgan said that she's most comfortable writing it and she's most drawn to it as well. She has trouble writing fantasy as that would take intense research and she's intensive at research, alright. She went to Pennsylvania for Second Chance Summer and made the same road trip to write Amy & Roger's. Imagine what she'd end up doing for fantasy, she said while chuckling.

Fay of Bibliophile Soprano was curious about Clark's fantasy series and if she'll ever write it. She said that she thought about an extra for the US paperback of The Unexpected Everything but ultimately decided nah. She does think about it but somewhat, maybe she'll write it.

Kai of Amaterasu Reads made Morgan give her teen self three tasks to do like in Since You've Been Gone. Morgan then told her teen self to do skydiving as she would definitely need a push for that, driving on the other side of the road, and have a cat because she's always been a dog person and maybe a cat would be nice and challenging.

JM of Book Freak Revelations asked about Amy & Roger's and how was the brainstorming process for that one as it had photos, playlists, and more in it. Morgan revealed that her first YA book was supposed to be all of just those stuff: email, journal entries, and no narrative. Twenty pages in, she realized it was hard to do and that why would you ever spend your time writing on a journal especially when there's a cute boy beside you. Seriously, how adorable and fun is Morgan?! But she still wanted to mark time through moving through space and it ended up to be Amy & Roger's.

Kevin of Tomebound asked about Since You've Been Gone and if it was inspired by real-life friendships she had. Morgan said yes that it was basically about her friend Amelia. They met in New York and had been instant BFFs and were joined at the hip for four years. But then Amelia had to move to London and she to Los Angeles and so they had to start learning to be friends with distance. She really based Emily on Amelia but her editor said that he characters needed to have flaws because Amelia was so awesome and amazing. She loved writing Since You've Been Gone because it was so full of friendship, all angles of friendship. There's the new best friends, the since-we-were-born best friends, girl best friends, boy best friends, and everything in between. I loved hearing Morgan talk about friendship, honestly. Because I love the friendship in her books.

Leslie of bibliophilekid asked her for a memorable advice about writing Morgan received and it was just finish. She was the queen of 30 pages back then and after writing her heart out, she'd lose steam. But then she pushed herself to finish and when she did, she knew that she could always do it because she has done it before.

Lastly, these lovely ladies from Cebu asked which book she had the heaviest emotional attachment and unsurprisingly, Morgan answered that it was Since You've Been Gone. Because it was so much about her friendship with Amelia and she even sprinkled in some of their inside jokes and references.

And after that, we got our books signed! I had all of my Morgan Matson books in paperback and I also had the first two of her Katie Finn trilogy with me.

Sigh. I already miss bubbly Morgan! She just had this energy that filled up the room and you didn't even need to talk because she will. We chatted about middle names while she signed my book. Apparently she was Morgan Katherine Finn Matson if my memory serves me right. So she just took her middle names as her pen name. We also talked about her Katie Finn books and of course I told her that reading Amy & Roger's was one of the catalysts of me starting a book blog.

Here's a photo of us! (Thank you to Kate of The Bookaholic Blurbs for the polaroid hihihi)

Once again, thank you so much, National Book Store!

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