The Education of Alice Wells by Sara Wolf

Monday, June 6, 2016

I've pretty much declared that I'm a big fan of Sara Wolf, having worshipped her Lovely Vicious series. But then, how can I declare myself such a fan if that's all I've read? So I've been reading her other books too and nothing has changed, I'm still a big fan.

Title: The Education of Alice Wells
Author: Sara Wolf
Date of Publication: December 3, 2014
Source: purchased (Kindle)

At Mountford University, Ranik Mason is the king of bad boys. He’s got every cheerleader dying to be in his bed, and the underage booze-circuit under his thumb. He’s a lone wolf who takes what he wants, but never takes anything seriously.

At Mountford University, Alice Wells is the queen of nerds - studious, strict, and smart as a whip, she’s never had a boyfriend, let alone gotten drunk or partied. She’s an ice-cold teacher’s pet, determined to stick to rules and regulations if it kills her. Her one weakness is her massive crush on Theo, the mature, gorgeous campus DJ, and she’s determined to transform into the girl he wants.

If anyone on campus knows how to seduce, it’s Ranik Mason. Alice approaches him with a contract – teach her how to win Theo, and she’ll do his coursework for a year. Ranik agrees, but as his lessons for Alice heat up, both of them start to realize love isn’t something you can teach.

There’s a price. And both Alice and Ranik have to pay.

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My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I think it would be impossible to remove my bias when it comes to Sara Wolf. I think having her name plastered on the cover of the novel immediately makes me love the novel. Well, I didn't love this book (as much as I do with her Lovely Vicious series) but good lord did I adore and dig it.

By now, I think I know what are Sara Wolf's favorite tropes and plot devices/conflicts. But you know what? Even if I've seen it before, I didn't care. Sara just writes such addicting and readable novels. In The Education of Alice Wells, we have Alice who's the ultimate nerd and who knows nothing about boys and dating. She falls in love with Theo, the university's golden boy, but Theo seems to be smitten to Grace. Alice now wants Theo to notice her and who better to help her than the university's token playboy, Ranik Mason? In exchange, Alice does his homework for her.

So right from the get-go, HELLO ONE OF MY FAVORITE TROPES. I just can't say no to everything that involves someone teaching seduction to a clueless person and the two of them falling in love. NEVER GETS OLD. All the handholding as lessons, the kisses, EVERYTHING. So yeah.

And this being NA, do expect that it's sexy and steamy and oh boy, Ranik. Ranik tries so much not to fall for Alice but duh, he's so a done deal right from the start. Alice, being in love with Theo, takes more time to notice that the one she needs and actually truly loves is Ranik. Oh, glorious set-up, I welcome thee.

And being a Sara Wolf book, it also deals with sexual harassment and I like the treatment she did in this book, which is kind of same to the one in the Lovely Vicous series but whatever.

Anyway, I can't say much about the novel because it just reduced me to feels! It's not particularly well-written and the characters aren't really that original but I can't help but feel these feelings so I really swooned and squealed and hello, heat factor. Well, sometimes I can't believe how naive Alice seems but I do think there are people like her and people so nice so it's okay.

I definitely recommend this to anyone needing a light, quick contemporary new adult read! And especially if you love said trope.

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