Love and Music (and Missing Ted Callahan) by Amy Spalding

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I honestly love all these novella sequels Poppy releases for obsessed fans like me. My first foray was in Happy Again for Jennifer E. Smith's This is What Happy Looks Like, and now, THIS.

Love and Music (and Missing Ted Callahan): A Novella Sequel
Title: Love and Music (and Missing Ted Callahan)
Author: Amy Spalding
Publisher: Poppy
Date of Publication: June 14, 2016
Source: purchased (Kindle)

A hilarious and romantic novella sequel to Kissing Ted Callahan (and Other Guys).

This is it. This is the day Riley Jean Crowe-Ellerman officially becomes a ROCK STAR.

It's summer, school's out, and Riley's band The Gold Diggers is playing their first music festival halfway across the country. It's the most exciting day ever, except for one small detail: Riley's boyfriend Ted is away at a Young Leaders summer program and can't be there to witness this momentous occasion.

Riley hasn't seen Ted in three whole weeks--she misses his perfectly floppy hair, his kissable lips--and when he sends her a cryptic text that just says, "I'm so sorry," Riley starts to get nervous. TED! WHAT ARE YOU SORRY FOR?! But there's no response.

Suddenly the best day of Riley's life might become the worst. Is this the end of Riley and Ted Callahan? Or can love and music keep them together?

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My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

A year ago, I spazzed to mighty heavens about Kissing Ted Callahan (and Other Guys) and I took it as my personal mandate to rave about it all the time and make everyone read it. Which I kind of succeeded, methinks. Or at least I got the book into people's radars. Like our protagonist Riley, I ended up liking Ted Callahan so hard it wasn't healthy anymore.

So imagine my glee when it was announced that there will be a novella sequel! I wanted more Ted Callahan and I've honestly re-read Kissing Ted Callahan  in the past just to get some dose of him. AND NOW I'LL GET IT.

Right from the start, I was once again cackling and relating to Riley. She just has no chill and while I might look like I'm chill outside, I am definitely not inside. Of course, it's HEA and fans of the book will definitely enjoy this one because we get to see more of our lovable and favorite characters. Ted Callahan is as awkward and timid as before but he's also as sweet and adorable as before. I really just had a happy time reading this novella because MY PRECIOUS MY BABIES I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME FEEL THIS WAY AGAIN. Once again, I've had so much fun!

But it was not all fun. Because it's Amy Spalding, she still was able to include some topics to mull upon via Riley's thought process. Of how it's still nice to feel wanted by other guys even if she's already taken, how love is not all grand gestures but usually it's just wanting to make someone laugh, and being a teen, and all sorts of things. Amy is wonderful at that, packing in a lot without it seeming like a lot.

While this novella made me oh-so-happy, I think it was too short! Now that I spent time with these characters once again, all I want is more more MOAR MOAR MOAAAARRR! Amy, can there be more? Huhuhu. When they short story ended, I felt myself deflate too while grinning so hard. Because NO MORE.

Riley isn't the only one who misses Ted in here. ME TOO! Love and Music (and Missing Ted Callahan) was what I expected it to be. It delivered all the swoons and sweets and the laughs. *sighs* I want more of the gang and of Ted Callahan being adorkably cutely awkward!

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