The Dilemma, The Goal, and The Plan

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Since I started Oops! I Read A Book Again in October 2012, I amassed more than 634 physical books. That's more than 200 books a year, which is crazy. My shelf now houses these books, which is unbelievable as I don't see my shelf and see 634 books. I AM IN DENIAL. 

Out of these, 299 were purchased, 221 were received for review, 68 were won, and 46 were gifted. Out of these 634 books, I've only read 113. I KNOW. SHAME. Blame it on Adrien bb the Kindle. (*to the tune of Blame it on the Alcohol*) That leaves 521 unread books. *cries*

The Dilemma

If everything goes to plan, I will be graduating this June 2017 with my Master's degree. And by fall of 2017, I should be in another continent to get my PhD or maybe another MS, I DON'T KNOW YET. I have two years left here in the Philippines and of course, I cannot take all my books with me. I don't even know how long I will be away, I want to get postdocs too. So it begs the question: HOW DO I FREAKING READ 521 BOOKS IN TWO YEARS?

Thus, I have thought long and hard how to solve this. But let's be real, I cannot possibly read 521 books in two years. I read a hundred books in a good year and the upcoming two years wouldn't be good years because I have work and a thesis to do. And scientific manuscripts to write and get published. I just realized the similarities of my plight with authors. I have a day job, research to do, manuscripts to write, and books to read. Oh, and I have a blog! I've been thinking that I will haul a hundred books a year to wherever continent I'll end up and that might really happen. With that, I'll have books to read and I won't buy a lot since I will not exactly be earning while I slave away on a scholarship for my PhD degree. I'll be done with my physical books by the time I get my MS and/or PhD and/or postdoc (in 4 years? 5? 7? I DON'T KNOW).

The Goal

Make a significant dent in my unread books and that is 200 physical books in two years. Physical books that are FOR REVIEW.

The Plan

  • I will only read two ebooks a month. Sorry for all the e-ARCs but I will get to you surely before I get a neurodegenerative disease. I will make sure of it.
  • I will only buy books for signings. Beyond that, nothing. Nada. Zilch. I've lasted for five months so surely I can last for two years, right? WHO AM I KIDDING??? But I will definitely try, I can't exactly keep on buying books. I'll be like Sisyphus.
  • I need to read 9 physical for review books a month. I can only read ebooks (in excess of the two) if I've read my minimum of 9 books. I can only read *ME* physical books when I've read the target of nine.
  • I will now sell my books. I just realized how futile my collecting is. And give away ARCs of books I've read but can part with.
  • I will chronicle the status of The Plan in my monthly recaps. If you're interested in seeing how I'm doing or what I'm reading, I will be using #ThePlan2017 on Twitter.
  • Additions to The Plan might crop up as I think of more activities that will help further my objective.
  • The Plan is effective starting July 1, 2015 and ends June 30, 2017.

GOOD LUCK TO ME! Please keep me accountable and help me in this endeavor! Your encouragements would be lovely and appreciated!


  1. That's WOW and SAD at the same time! I can't see myself parting with my books. But your life choices pushed you to these decisions! BUT That's good, too. Hahahaha Our professor said people who read a lot are empathetic lvl 99999. <3 Hahaha anyway! GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK AND AJA! GANBATTE! KERIBELS MO YAN! :))

    1. I totally agree. Back when I wasn't a reader, I was quick to judge and assume. Now, I try to understand people. Thank you, Kristelle! I hope I get to finish my degree on time HAHAHUHU I don't like to part with my books too (I'm a hoarder, obviously) but I don't mind giving away books I think another person would enjoy more. Plus, I need moolah! Haha!

  2. Wow. Just, WOW. I mean, I'm all for dreaming big and aiming high. But is this feasible in a way that wouldn't defeat the purpose of reading? I'm sorry for not sounding too enthusiastic, D! You know I will support you but I also want you to have fun!

    1. Your concern for my enjoyment is very touching, Miel. I thought of that as well but then I requested these books so it means that at one point in time, I really wanted to read them. I just didn't have the time then. As for the volume of books I will consume, I did it before so I think I can do it! I foresee a lot of cheating though HAHA

  3. Oh wow. I have no idea you are that busy, Dianne. And here I am crying because I can barely juggle college and blogging. *facepalm* And you must be living in a mansion to store 634 physical books. That's awesome and frightening at the same time. O_O Also, if you ever need to get rid of some of those books, well, *cough*I'm just here*cough*. LOL :D But seriously, good luck, Dianne! "The Plan" may sound intimidating, but I'm cheering you on! Yay! :) *shakes pompoms*

    P.S. Please take me with you when you go to another continent. I promise I'll be quiet inside your luggage. ^__^

    Julie @ Books and Insomnia

    1. I don't live in a mansion! I only have one shelf and it's double-stacked and even triple-stacked at some areas. My shelf doesn't look that big but it's a powerhouse! Apparently it houses all these books I never realized are that many already. Anyway, I think I will be purging books six months into The Plan so I can judge more books for selling or giving away. Rest assured you'll know! Yeah, I'm quite busy, haha! Thanks for all your encouragement, Julie! Shush, but I'll definitely take you away inside my luggage!

    2. That's one very sturdy shelf you have there, Dianne. LOL :D Yay! Don't worry, I'm such a hobbit, I'll definitely fit inside your luggage. :P

  4. I feel your pain. So many books, so little time. Anyway, my attention was caught in the "I will now sell my books" statement. Haha. Please update us as to what books you're selling because I might be buy some. :)

    1. You'll hear about it, Alyssa, when I do. Maybe six months from now. GAH I know, so little time. I want to quit work and just read and blog but hello, that won't keep me alive. Haha!

  5. I just teared up at the whole "I'll be leaving the country by fall 2017" part. Argh. :(

    Hmmm I've actually been really good with the whole selling books that I won't read again (less space + more money = win win), so let me know if you need help. (I'll probably be buying some off you hahahaha)

    But yeah I'll miss youuu (2017 is so far away but at the same time it's around the corner huhuhu)

    1. I know! You're so good at selling stuff. I should really start. Yeah, don't cry yet. 2017 is still far away from now ALTHOUGH the years are short so I'm sure two years will pass by so fast too. HUHU Ly <3


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