I Am More Happy Than Not

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Last May, I buddy-read More Happy Than Not with Miel of Bookish and Awesome and we cried together at its rawness and all the heart-squeezes and all the damn feelings. Well, he cried first because I suck at buddy-reading and I finished it a week after he did. Inspired by More Happy Than Not, he posted THIS, wherein he lists times and things that make him more happy than not. After my prodding (ha!), he made it into a tag! And because I suck, of course I'm posting mine a bit late. But still, here it is!


Whenever I step on dried leaves and hear them crunch underneath my feet, I am more happy than not.

Whenever I acquire new books, I am more happy than not. (I can never have too many books, Dad. Never!)

Whenever I watch my favorite films, whether it be the 1843209th time, I am more happy than not.

Whenever I listen to music I love and discover music to love, I am more happy than not.

Whenever I see my bookshelf, I am more happy than not. (Seriously. I can stare at it all day. Sure, it stresses me out too because !!! so many unread books !!! but whatever.)

Whenever I get to sleep in and wake up to birds chirping, I am more happy than not.

Whenever I go down memory lane and remember memories worth framing, I am more happy than not.

Whenever I unabashedly unapologetically sing even though my voice would get me booted first out of a singing competition, I am more happy than not. (KARAOKE IS MY HAPPY PLACE.)

Whenever I play my ukulele, even though good lord when will I improve, I am more happy than not.

Whenever I go to bookish events, meeting bookish people and authors, I am more happy than not.

Whenever there is ice cream, I am more happy than not. (CARAMEL! BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE! MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP!)

Whenever I talk to my favorite authors, I am more happy than not.

Whenever I daydream, I am more happy than not.

Whenever I am alone reading, I am more happy than not.

Whenever I am surrounded by people I love and people who love me, I am more happy than not.

Feel free to do the tag!


In case you missed it, I posted my review for More Happy Than Not yesterday, along with a PH only giveaway for my ARC. Bookish Filipinos, don't forget to join the giveaway! For my non-Filipino readers, I'm so sorry! But you should DEFINITELY check out and read More Happy Than Not!


  1. Well, YOU finished Vanishing Girls first. But, hush, what are you talking about? I most certainly do NOT cry. Crying is what pathetic mortals do. Aaron Soto? Pfft. *Turns around.* *Bites tongue.* *Holds back tears, no, scratch that, holds back the floodgates.*

    Thank you for both suggesting and doing the Tag, D! Yes, D' Dad, one can never have enough books. EVER. And, um, like I'm not a rereader, I also am not much of a rewatcher (that's totally a thing!) but I've seen Ruby Sparks more than a couple of times now. I LOVE THAT FILM! What's the movie you've rewatched the most?

    Ice cream! In my former job I was in charged with the gelatos! I even created my own recipe of matcha + muscovado. YUM! But question, will you go to Leigh's signing?

    1. Eh, we finished it the same day. That's nothing compared to finishing the book A WEEK LATER. Ha! No one would believe anyone ever that they didn't cry with More Happy Than Not. Haha!

      RUBY SPARKS. That movie. Brilliant is what it is. Great concept, script, acting, cinematography, EVERYTHING. Movie I rewatched the most? THAT IS A HARD QUESTION. I rewatch a variety of films, from 90s and early 2000s romcoms to Inception to 2010s romcoms to comedy-dramas to psychological thrillers, I DON'T KNOW. WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS ASKING SUCH DIFFICULT QUESTIONS?

      GELATO EVERY DAY ALL THE TIME? I am green with envy here. Matcha + muscovado sounds yummy I HATE YOU RIGHT NOW

      Yes, I'm going to Leigh's signing! 15 DAYS TO GO I AM TOTALLY NOT FREAKING OUT


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