Excerpt + Giveaway: The Summer After You and Me by Jennifer Salvato Doktorski

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jennifer Salvato Doktorski's THE SUMMER AFTER YOU AND ME is out today and we're celebrating it here with an excerpt and a giveaway!

The Summer After You and Me
Title: The Summer After You and Me
Author: Jennifer Salvato Doktorski
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Date of Publication: May 5, 2015

Will it be a summer of fresh starts or second chances?

For Lucy, the Jersey Shore isn't just the perfect summer escape, it's home. As a local girl, she knows not to get attached to the tourists. They breeze in during Memorial Day weekend, crowding her costal town and stealing moonlit kisses, only to pack up their beach umbrellas and empty promises on Labor Day. Still, she can't help but crush on charming Connor Malloy. His family spends every summer next door, and she longs for their friendship to turn into something deeper.

Then Superstorm Sandy sweeps up the coast, bringing Lucy and Connor together for a few intense hours. Except nothing is the same in the wake of the storm, and Lucy is left to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and her broken home. Time may heal all wounds, but with Memorial Day approaching and Connor returning, Lucy's summer is sure to be filled with fireworks.

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Connor opened the gorgeous double doors, each with half-moon stained-glass windows on the top, and motioned me inside. “After you.”

The house had that distinct yet hard-to-describe smell of a beach home that had been closed up for a while. I walked to the center of the high-ceilinged foyer and immediately pictured pine garland and twinkling white lights wrapped around the sweeping banister.

“Wow. I’d love to spend Christmas here,” I said and immediately regretted being so sappy.

Connor smiled. “You could fit a twelve-foot tree in this hallway.”

I admit, over the years I've had my share of Connor-centric fantasies. However the image of him watching his children pad down the stairs on Christmas morning had never been one of them…until that very second. I liked thinking about Connor that way.

“Come on. You've got to see the master bedroom.”

The wholesome image of a Malloy family Christmas vanished. Aha, I thought. That was the Connor I knew.

“Uh-uh,” I said. “The widow’s walk. I want to go there first.”

“Race you,” he said and took off running.

He beat me up the two flights and was waiting for me in the third-floor hallway toward the back of the house. Off the hallway was an art studio, with a drafting table and a bookcase. There was also a telescope standing near the window.

“Follow me.” He crossed the studio and unlocked the deadbolt to the narrow door leading outside.

“You've already been up there?”

“First thing I did when I got here,” Connor said.

“Not the master bedroom?”

“Nah, that’s the first thing I wanted to do when you got here.”

I thought it was just more flirty banter, but Connor's flushed cheeks looked as warm as my body felt. He stared at me for a beat too long and my throat constricted. I was suddenly aware that I’d left the house with slept-on hair and no mascara. The look on Connor's face told me he hadn't noticed. His eyes never left mine.

Finally he said, “Come on, Luce. I’ll follow you.” The space was tight when I passed in front of him, and the closeness of his body gave me the shivers. I opened the door and stepped outside onto a small patio. I walked toward the wrought-iron spiral staircase that lead to the widow’s walk on the roof and placed my hand on the railing. My knees felt shaky as I began the climb, but I never looked back.

About Jennifer Salvato Doktorski

Jennifer Salvato Doktorski is the author of two YA  novels and is a freelance nonfiction writer. Her first paid writing gig was at The North Jersey Herald & News, where she wrote obituaries and began her lifelong love of news and coffee. She lives in New Jersey with her family.

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  1. Cool excerpt. I think I've requested this one on netgalley. Not sure. But it does look like an interesting read.

    I don't have a favorite summer read, but around that time I like YA's with beachy themes.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Me too! I love reading contemporary YA romance with beachy and road trip themes during the summer. Hope you get to read this one, Shane!

  2. Is the Burn for Burn trilogy a beach read? HAHA. If you consider it, that's my favorite.

    1. Ha! But yes, I'd consider that a beach read, Hazel.

  3. This looks like such a cute read. :) I can never get enough of YA books centered around the beach. Thanks for sharing + for the giveaway!

    Julia Anne @ Peach Print

    1. Sure thing! Especially that it's summer here in the Philippines so beach-y reads are a need!

  4. I love reading books and now this is YA is such a good read especially this vacation great summer read.

  5. I have a feeling I'm gonna love this because I see something that's somehow similar to my favorite summer read- The Summer I Turned Pretty

  6. Summer Pleasures by Nora Roberts. :) Nice give-away Miss Dianne!

  7. I have lots of favorite Beach reads.

    The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy by Jenny Han, Sea Breeze series by Abbi Glines, The Distance Between Us by Kasie West, My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick, Amy & Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants by Ann Brashares etc...


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