Playlist: Nowhere Now but Here

Monday, March 16, 2015

Charlie can attest to this: I love pushing songs to anyone who'd listen to my recommendations. Yeah, push is too weak a word to what I actually do. There is some force involved.

I made this playlist for Charlie more than a year ago and have been debating on posting it here on the blog. (Oops.) It's just that, I've always convinced myself every time that no one's going to care but whatever, right? It's my blog. (And really, I don't have anything to post. Reviews are so elusive!)

Anyway, here's a short playlist (13 songs). Like I've mentioned before somewhere here in the blog, I suck at making tonally cohesive playlists because I'm a ~lyrics~ person. I don't know how to describe this mix I made but it's sort of my chill/I-need-to-think playlist so it's composed of both sad songs and upbeat ones.

Featured artists include: Cloud Control (Aussie band!), WALK THE MOON (Duh, I work them into every playlist I make), Greylag, Lost Lander and more!

Here goes!

There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight by Cloud Control

Quesadilla (Live Acoustic) by WALK THE MOON

Love Light by Friends of Emmet

Calypso Gold by Princeton

I Like The Way That You Walk by The Donkeys

Run Rabbit Run by The Hoosiers

Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me by London Grammar

Tiger by Greylag

Say My Name / Cry Me A River by The Neighbourhood

Mile Marker by Amy Seeley

Vagabond by Wolfmother (Acoustic)

The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack by Liars

Afraid of Summer by Lost Lander

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