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Sunday, February 22, 2015

kablooey, exclam.:  You and I may end, but we won’t end quietly

kale, n.: "What’s more surprising?” you ask. “That I found you, or that kale is everywhere now? I didn't anticipate either.”

kaleidoscopic, adj.: Sometimes my fragmentation impedes, but it can also reveal; I see new patterns as the colors inside me crash and crush.

karaoke, n.:  Warning—you’re going to see me roar.

karma, n.:  If you steal the sheets, you are much more likely to fall off the bed.

karoshi, n.:  I hear you typing away, long past midnight, and think nothing but love merits this hour, and you do not love your job.

kayak, v:  The satisfaction of not saying a word, of being at sea but near each other, loosening our thoughts to the subtle tide.

keel, v.:  It’s fine if we rock and we pitch; we just have to make sure the fear doesn't overwhelm us – only then will we go under.

keep, v.:  In the endless trade of taking and giving away, I want to be the thing that sits off limits, too precious to ever lose.

keepsake, n.: The fake feather that you found, now in my wallet; incomplete creature, completed by memory.

kegger, n.: I try to point out that we’re not in college anymore.

key, n.:  You’re led to believe there’s only one in the world that fits into each lock, when really, few keys or locks are unique..

kibitz, v.:  I can hear the four of you in the other room, the birdsong of your friendship blurring before it hits my ears.

kibosh, n.:  Without discussing it, we entered the stage where big purchases needed to be “discussed.”

kick, n.:  For sure, I get one of these out of you. Sometimes it makes me smile and sometimes it makes me rub my shin.

kickass, adj.: I look to you because you’d climb the tree to save the kite, while I’d stay on the ground, hoping a wind would come.

kickstart, v.:  When I open my eyes in the morning, I need a reason to open my eyes. And most mornings, it’s you.

kid, n.:  Alive, but having no real sense of time.

kidding, v.:  Delivering the candy-coated jibe; easier to swallow, but empty when digested.

kidney, n.:  I’d give you one, but would draw the line at two.

kidult, n.:  If we never have kids, if we never have a mortgage, if our parents never age, do we get to stay like this forever?

killjoy, n.:  I concede that every now and then I’m a speed bump, but I never want to be a brick wall.

kilter, n.:  Stop. Just stop. Breathe for a minute. Let gravity do its job. Settle before you move again.

kin, n.:  You carry your family with you. There is too much of it in your body to ever completely leave behind.

kindness, n.:  The most essential quality, more important, even, than love, because it applies to strangers as well as friends.

kindle, v.:  Yes, the sparks were there from the start, but we’d also put down the right material (our dry, ready hearts) to catch flame.

kindred, adj.:  We were meant to be in love; we were meant to be family.

kink, n.:  We don’t have to share each other’s strange affinities, but they have to at least make us curious.

kiosk, n.: I ran out to get us the Sunday paper and OJ for the first time, and found myself telling the man, “It’s not just for me.”

kiss, n.:  A manifestation of all the ways that give and take can combine to become share.

kitchen, n.:  Every party we’ve thrown gravitates here, our friends unable to get more than a room’s distance from the fridge.

kitschy, adj.:  Kitten + trashy

klaxon, n.: Your blaring harpy of an alarm goes off first, always managing to rip me from sleep before it makes it through to you.

kleptomania, n.:  The desire to make your things mine, as if that would be proof of anything besides theft.

knack, n.:  People who proclaim they are “good at Relationships” always seem a little undone by the plural.

knackered, adj.: Exhaustion that feels like you’re stuck in a comic frame, without the energy to create the bubbles for speech or thought.

knead, v.:  Sometimes metaphor is not enough, and we need to be hands on, tenderly taking the time to work out our knots.

kneejerk, adj.: You need to let me finish the sentence before you add the punctuation of a no.

knight, n.:  You have to know he doesn’t shine that armor himself.

kooky, adj.: I noticed the small initials on each of your walls, and you told me a drunk co-worker of yours once swore it brought good luck.

kowtow, v.:  I’m more afraid of bending to my own self-destructive qualities than to having you ask me to bow to yours.

kudzu, n.:  The element that you innocently introduce into your love that ends up taking it over, e.g. jealousy, competition, lament.

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