Introducing Under the Radar Friday!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Today, I'm introducing this blog feature I've been cooking up for the past month or so. Finally!

Do you have those books that you ABSOLUTELY LOVE but the world doesn't even know exist? Do you have those books you think are unjustly unpopular but are so great that you pimp them out every chance you get? Do you think some novels are just so under the radar? Now, here's your chance to share them to the world! Introducing... UNDER THE RADAR FRIDAY!!!11

Inspired by Dahlia Adler's #UnderTheRadarYA hashtag on Twitter, Under the Radar Friday is the newest weekly blog feature here at Oops! I Read A Book Again. Every Friday, I'll be featuring a bookish person (a blogger, an author, a publicist, anyone!) who will share five books they think are under the radar. It could be young adult, new adult, or adult books. They could also choose a theme or a genre (e.g. contemporary YA romances, YA time travel, best friend romances, 24-hour YA novels, etc) but that's completely optional.

Be ready to add even more books to your TBR and let the recommendations and squeeing begin! I am so excited to get this feature started and I already have a few bookish people lined up. Of course, I want YOU to be a part of it too. Do you want to share your favorite novels that need more loving? Do you want yet another avenue to pimp them out? Then fill up this form so I can contact you and we can start talking and doing some wonderful stuff and all that! *jazz hands*

Feel free to use the hashtag #UnderTheRadarFriday so we can discuss and chat. Come back next Friday for the first ever Under the Radar Friday!

P.S. Thank you to Sab for the banner!


  1. I love this idea! Just filled out the form as I have some authors and books that popped into my mind as soon as I read your post. I read a lot of indie books and some are so good, but they aren't as popular, while I totally think they would deserve more recognition. Great idea and I am looking forward to seeing future posts during this feature!

    1. Eek, thank you so much, Lola! Contacting you soon! It felt like I'm shouting to the void for people to feature and here you are. Thank you!!! <333

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for participating and you're up first! Mehehehe


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