2015 Reading and Blogging Goals

Thursday, January 1, 2015

For 2015, my mantra would be MAKE IT HAPPEN. It's from a shirt my mom gifted to me for Christmas and I think it's very apt. I've been highly reactive to things and not taking charge last year, both in blogging and IRL. I also rested a lot in terms of reading because I got months-long slumpssss (reading and reviewing) and there was even a point I hated my blog. (It's all chronicled in here if you're in the mood for starting your year with a blog-existential crisis. I don't want you to start the year with one though!) Anyway, let's not dwell on the past but look forward to yet another year full of possibly-awesome books!

So what are my reading goals?

1. Read at least 75 books.

Last 2013, I challenged myself to a hundred books and I did it. For 2014, knowing I have a full-time job alongside taking Master's classes, I lowered it down to 75. But I did better than that! This year, I'm still aiming for at least 75 books but more movies and TV shows because I miss watching so much!

2. Read more fantasy books.

Looking back on 2014, I mostly read contemporary novels and the occasional dystopia and sci-fi. But I almost never read fantasy and that's a shame, really. So, for 2015, I want to read more and to help me with that, I joined Rachel and Alexa's Flights of Fantasy reading challenge! For 2015, I'm pledging 12 books. That's one fantasy book per month and I think that's pretty doable. I sure hope so because I hate losing on my self-imposed challenges. Here's to hoping I get caught up with the Throne of Glass series and that I'll finally start Snow Like Ashes!

3. Read more books with diverse characters.

I love reading LGBT YA and books with any minority characters but this year, I want to make a conscious choice about reading them. When I saw the Dive into Diversity challenge hosted by Rebecca, Estelle and Magan, I knew I had to join. One book a month for this one as well!

4. Read more backlist titles.

Ever since I decided to be a blogger, I realized I haven't had much time to read backlist titles. So for 2015, I hope to read more! Backlist is defined as 2014 or earlier, preferably earlier.

5. Read more physical books slash me books.

Out of the 75 books I'm planning to read, I want to read at least 40 physical books from there. And out of all my goals, this is the one I will strive harder than the rest to achieve. I know, so sorry for all my eARCs but I need shelf space and thus, I need to read my books and deem some of them for sale or for giving away. I have tons of physical books that are for review but a lot of them are books I bought as well. I really want to get to them. (Also, sorry debut authors. I'll try to squeeze in as many debut authors in my ebook reads though!)

6. Pop my Sarah Dessen, A.S. King, Jandy Nelson, <insert popular YA authors> cherries!

Yeah, I haven't read any novels from them... I almost started 2015 without having read any book by Andrew Smith but I finished Winger last year so yay! However, I'd like to read more books from Andrew Smith, John Green, Rainbow Rowell (I'm currently reading my first, which is Eleanor & Park), and other known, established and award-winning YA authors. When I got into reading again, I started blogging right away, which made me read current and upcoming releases. So I haven't really read the YA "classics" and I'd really love to!

7. Finish or catch up with tons of series!

I have the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater, Wolves of Mercy Falls series by Maggie Stiefvater, Replica trilogy by Jenna Black, Article 5 series by Kristen Simmons, and a whole lot more! I'm not kidding. I seriously need to step up my game. Good thing I have them all as physical books. Mwahaha!

Then, here are my blogging goals!

1. #UnderTheRadarYA

I still need to brainstorm and fully prepare for this but I already got Dahlia Adler's permission to make #UnderTheRadarYA a blog feature. Basically, every Friday, I will be featuring anyone (bloggers, authors, publicists, any bookish person) to share five books they think are under the radar. They can choose whatever category or if they even want a category. Maybe 5 under the radar 2014 books or 5 under the radar contemporary books or anything! If you're interested to be featured, hit me up with a tweet or an email!

2. #contemporarYA, #mysterYA, #dystopYA, etc

I'm planning on using these hashtags to promote different genres of YA books. Moreover, I'm planning on making week-long events out of them. Maybe I can feature three books and its authors in a themed week or something. I've been thinking on this feature for the half of 2014 already but I just can't seem to have a fully-formed idea. And being a mood reader, a week of this would mean forcing myself to read what needs to be read. Haha!

3. Post 10-15 reviews a month.

I initially wanted to make myself post one review every other day for 15 a month but that might make me crazy so let's give myself some leeway. Ten to fifteen sounds cool. I have tons of books I haven't reviewed so I hope I can still do this even if life gets suffocating and I end up not reading as much.

4. Do not feel guilt!

The first step I took into lessening my blogger guilt over ARCs is requesting less physical ARCs and just acquiring eARCs. This year, I want to hopefully eradicate that guilt even more. I know bloggers are part of the marketing plan but I want to read books that *I* want when I feel like it. Of course, it'll be forever ingrained in my mind that I need to read upcoming releases or review them but I won't stress myself out over it. This has been one of my resolutions for the latter part of 2014 too and I've been happy. I want to continue that and care even less. Haha! I feel so mean but I don't want to get super sad and down again because of blogging. Because this is my happy place!

5. Cut back on buying books.

Not really a blogging goal when you come think of it but I became a hoarder when I started blogging. Maybe it's because I now know SO MANY books so I buy a lot. Last 2014, I got 116 physical books and 109 ebooks. Damn, right? 225 books. If I went at a rate of 75 books a year, I need 3 years to read the books I bought. WTF. So I really need to impose this.

6. Comment on blogs!

Not only commenting back to those that commented on my blog but really seek out to comment. I am a lurker ever since so this is a damn hard challenge for me.

7. Interact more.

I hate small talk and I realized this Christmas break that I can't keep conversations on Twitter. I hope to change this but if it stresses me out, I'll quit this. I'll just continue being sad on the corner and watching you guys talk with each other. Ha!

8. No more joining blog tours...

I post more reviews when I join blog tours but they seriously stress me out, with it defining my reading schedule. So yes, no more blog tours. Only for books I've already read and love and want to promote but in general, I'm so sorry. 2015 is the year I'm dedicating to myself and blog tours are an easy way to add so much to my TBR. And this means no more spotlight posts too because I want quality posts now. Never mind not posting every day, but I want my posts to be mostly reviews.


So those are my 2015 goals! 2015 will surely be a busy year with all these plans! How about you? What are your goals for 2015? If you made a post about it, link it up in the comments section and I'll surely visit!


  1. I also have tons of series to finish! It's not funny anymore. Let's tackle them! :)

    I love your mantra. Mine would go " Do not be afraid". I fear too much. So I'm about to change that.

    Happy New Year to you Dianne! Let us acheive our goals with utmost determination. Wishing you more books to read this year :)

    1. "Do not be afraid" is a great mantra! Happy New Year, Sharmaine! Maybe we should buddy read some series? Hee.

  2. Fantastic list!! I'm hoping to read more me books and more fantasy as well. Good luck on your goals! <3

    1. Thank you, Lisa! 2014 got stressful so I want 2015 to be laidback and stress-free and I think I can achieve that by reading me books. Good luck to us!

  3. I'll be taking more Master's classes in 2015 as well so I tried to keep my Goodreads Challenge on the smaller side and not to take on *too* many extra responsibilities in regards to blogging. I want blogging to be a hobby and an outlet, not an extra stressor.

    I love that you're pledging to read more fantasy! It's my favorite genre. [:

    And I'm definitely wanting to work on commenting and just generally interacting with people more in the community. Hopefully we'll see each other around!

    Good luck with your goals!

    1. YES! Blogging has been an extra source of stress for me too and I don't want that. I want to shift my whole thinking and process so that I'll just enjoy it while still promoting books and sharing my love for reading.

      I do hope 2015 ends up to be the year that will get me into fantasy.

      Good luck with your Master's too, Ash! And to all our goals. Let's definitely see each other around the blogosphere!


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