Excerpt + Giveaway: Luck on the Line by Zoraida Córdova

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Zoraida Córdova's first new adult novel is now out from Diversion Books! You may know Zoraida as the author of The Vicious Deep trilogy but now, she's branching out! Check it out below and get a chance to win it too!

Luck On The Line (On the Verge #1)
Title: Luck on the Line (On the Verge #1)
Author: Zoraida Córdova
Publisher: Diversion Books
Date of Publication: November 11, 2014

To turn her life around, she’ll have to stand the heat. To fulfill his dreams, he’ll have to get Lucky.

Despite her name, Lucky Pierce has always felt a little cursed. Refusing to settle for less or settle down, she changes jobs as often as she changes boyfriends. When her celebrity chef mother challenges her to finish something, Lucky agrees to help her launch Boston’s next hot restaurant, The Star. Even if it means working with the infuriating, egotistical, and undeniably sexy head chef.

James loves being known as Boston’s hottest bad boy in the kitchen, but if he wants to build a reputation as a serious chef, he has to make this restaurant work and keep his scandalous past out of the headlines. Getting involved with his boss’s spoiled, sharp-tongued daughter is definitely not on the menu.

As the launch of The Star looms and the tension and chemistry heat up in the kitchen, they’re going to need more than a little luck to keep everything from boiling over.

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The universal rule of servers is: the bigger the order, the bigger the prick.

It was true during my year of "soul searching" after high school graduation, bartending at El Gallo on Espanola Way, when sunburnt moms sent back LITs for being too strong.

It was true the year after that at the Old Post in Missoula, Montana when diet-obsessed sorority girls asked for the Country House Special Sauce Deluxe burger, but, you know, without the onions and tomatoes and, oh, no special sauce.

And it was true, when I made health shakes at Super Green Joe's in Brooklyn the year after that. If I hear "is that protein gluten-soy-dairy-free and fair trade?" one more time...

Now at The Red Cup, Mr. Tall Vanilla Latte No Whip, No Foam, Extra shot, Half Skim, Half Whole, Pump of Hazelnut is a pretty big prick.

About Zoraida Córdova

Zoraida Córdova was born in Ecuador and raised in Queens, NY. She studied English Lit at Hunter College, and The University of Montana before finding a home for herself in the (kinda) glittering world of New York City’s nightlife. She prefers her whiskey neat, her bacon crispy, and her men with a side of chivalry. She is the author of The Vicious Deep Trilogy.


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