Book Crossover: Gone Girl (2014) Film Review

Friday, October 24, 2014

Here I go again with another film review! This time, it's for one of my most anticipated movies of the year. Heck, who am I kidding? The nerves and anticipation I felt for this movie takes all the cake. And peanut butter brownies. (I don't think that made any sense.)

Whatever, I'm babbling. So without further ado, here's my review!

Title: Gone Girl
Theatrical Release: October 3, 2014
Watched: October 15, 2014
Book it's based from: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Read the book? Yes (5 mindfucking stars)
Reviewed the book? No, might never because MIND FUCKKKKK


My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The film adaptation of Gillian Flynn's bestselling GONE GIRL is THE movie I've been waiting for ever since it was announced. It's THE movie I HAVE to absolutely watch. In case you don't know (and you probably don't because I haven't talked about the book in here), I love love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the book and this might indicate something about myself and my brain because I looooooove psychological thrillers, whether in words or in moving pictures, but really. Gone Girl ranks in my top favorite books of all time or at least it's one of those that left a huge impact on me. I haven't talked about the book in this blog because I thought I can never explain why I love it without spoiling the fucking twist. Plus, I identify myself as a YA-NA book blogger so, there.

But the movie? Nah, I HAVE to talk about it. For one, it's directed by David fucking Fincher (#sorrynotsorry for all the cussing in here but FEELS) and when the news came out about him directing it, I abused the exclamation marks and hugged my friend (who also loves the book) and basically spazzed and thanked the gods that it would be an awesome movie adaptation.

Truth be told, early reviews of the film from Indiewire and Buzzfeed had me scared. They gave the book a middling rating and I just don't know if I can manage if the movie disgraces the book. I wouldn't be able to stand that. But really, fans of the book need not worry. Was it awesome? HECK YEAH, IT WAS.

First frame, first scene, BAM. HORROR MUCH? Leave it to David Fincher to make this movie actually LOOK and FEEL scary. It's not scary in the horror sense but more on that you feel that there's something brewing underneath and something quite sinister or at least, scheming, and you never quite know when the other shoe is going to drop. Well, I knew, and my friend knew, because we read the book. But we were still anticipating and way freaked out by events. We weren't shocked, sure, but I can't count how many times I flinched, winced, and braced for impact for the events that would happen.

The tones of the film, color-wise, were very dim and gloomy. One look at that scene where Nick Dunne, played by Ben Affleck, was getting the trash out in the suburbs, is enough to let you know that THIS GUY IS MISERABLE. Then we get to establish the basics of the story. It's their anniversary and Nick is in the bar he owns with his twin, Go. He is dreading going back to his house because surely, his wife Amy, played by Rosamund Pike, will be there with her traditional treasure hunt every anniversary. But then, his neighbor calls him to inform that their house cat is outside the house. Nick rushes to the house to see their living room ottoman overturned and Amy missing.

Where is Amy Dunne? There goes the plot of the movie. Did Nick kill her? Who has her? Like the book, I really can't talk about anything regarding the plot because it is the glorifying aspect of both. The plot. The twist. So you have to read the book or see the movie for yourself.

But for those who have read the book, I can still talk about and review the movie without talking about the plot. If you're curious though, the third act of the film was quite different from the book. This actually worried me to no end when I learned it but I tried to assuage myself because Gillian Flynn wrote the screenplay herself and she can do no wrong. Me thinks. And while it was different, it wasn't hugely different and it was a fit ending for a movie. One movie-goers will appreciate.

My friend and I found some things to be better in the movie and some things to be quite lacking. <spoiler: highlight to read> Amy's scheming was better in the movie for us because it was shown how she plotted her disappearance and how great a planner she was. How twisted. She had until I don't know, Plan G? Seriously, Amy is so fucking great. On the other hand, Nick's want to be a father and that he would rather die than be like his father wasn't properly shown. </spoiler>

I enjoyed the side characters, especially Tanner Bolt (Tyler Perry) and Go (Carrie Coon). For those wondering if Emily Ratajkowski can act, well, hmm, she was fine, I guess. She wasn't cringeworthy to watch but she isn't brilliant too, but then, it's hard to be brilliant in that role. As usual, nothing can go wrong with Neil Patrick Harris, who played Desi. Oh, Desi. I would have stayed with you. Haha! But who cares about everyone, right? You all want to know how Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike did. Well, good news, they were AMAZING. Ben Affleck can be a hit or miss but his Nick Dunne was how I imagined it would be. You hate him, you like him, you pity him, you're in awe of him. Affleck's performance was effortless and he owned the role. Sure, I think he walked a bit like Batman to me but maybe that's just me. But then again, who cares about Ben Affleck, right? We all know him. When Rosamund Pike was announced to play Amy Dunne, everyone went "WHO IS ROSAMUND PIKE?". And sure, she isn't a household name and is far from it but boy, after this, I am so excited how her career will take off. To echo what everyone has been saying, yes, Rosamund Pike was a revelation. I watched her recently in An Education and her role in there was a dumb socialite. With that, Pike absolutely amazed me with her portrayal of Amy. She owned it, moreso than Affleck's Nick. In reality, I thought Amy's scenes were few for my liking because I want more Rosamund Pike. Heck, I want more Amy. Rosamund is beautiful but I don't know how she did it but even with that first scene, where she looked at the camera, I had goosebumps. You know there's just something brewing in her eyes. That her mind is turning its gears. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, AMY DUNNE? Yeah, Nick, you and me both.

I haven't mentioned it but Jeff Cronenweth, I bow down to you. He's the cinematographer and just goodness. Coupled with the score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, WHAT WERE YOU PLANNING, GUYS? This could have doubled as a horror movie, really. Well, maybe a thriller but the horror vibes and THAT SCORE.

So should you watch the film? YES. Will you enjoy it even if you've already read the book? YES. Will you really see Ben Affleck's dong? YES. What are you waiting for? WATCH IT NOW. Even better, READ THE BOOK.

Have you watched Gone Girl? What did you think? Sound off in the comments below!


  1. great to see you doing movie reviews Dianne! and yeay for liking Gone Girl. I just saw this yesterday and loved how loyal it was to the book (i had no doubt since Flynn herself wrote the screenplay). I was slightly put off by how the last parts of the movie were different from the book but like you said.. i agree with your spoiler section. I DID want more Nick/Father relationship showing up because it was such a big part of the book as well as the other thing but I get how it would be hard incorporating into moving pictures. Great review!

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

    1. Eek, thank you for dropping by and commenting on my review, Juhina! <3 I'm glad you liked the book and the movie, even though I was away when you were reading it and missed talking about it with you. I'm actually having fun reviewing movie adaptations because I used to review movies in my personal blog. So you'll surely read more of these film reviews in the future. Well, hopefully. Hee.

  2. I have not read the book yet, but I kind of admit that I really want to see this movie. I love a good thriller, and from everything I have heard, this is a GOOD thriller!!

    1. I will never ever forget the book. You should check out at least one or better, both! Both book and movie are amazing. Thanks for dropping by, Jaime!

  3. I was able to read the book and finished it in time for the movie to come out...and i have to agree with you that Ben and Rosamund nailed their characters in this film. I'm actually familiar with Rosamund Pike..i first saw her in a James Bond film years ago...i think that was Die Another Day if i'm not mistaken. She's always been such a cool blonde beauty. Anyways, the film adaptation was as close to the book as possible despite some changes...and i was so surprise that Neil Patrick Harris played Desi ( didn't know prior to watching the movie)...their scene was f*cked up and intense as well...and also Rosamund as Amy is so believable on screen...makes you squirm in your seat of what's going on her mind then...coz she has a very scary brilliant mind. The mood of the cinematography and the score were flawless and added brilliance to making the book come to life :) I am happy they did good with this one. thanks for doing this review.

    1. Yes, she's a Bond girl! Rosamund Pike was so amazing I was left breathless. I was pretty much updated with all news regarding the movie so I was so excited for NPH to be playing Desi too. And yes, their scene was SO intense. I'm so happy you loved the movie too, Laila. Thanks for stopping by!


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