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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stolen (Taken, #0.5)
Title: Stolen (Taken #0.5)
Author: Erin Bowman
Publisher: HarperTeen Impulse
Date of Publication: February 4, 2014

Before Gray Weathersby uncovered the truth about Claysoot and the Laicos Project, a girl named Bree came of age in the coastal settlement of Saltwater—and made her own surprising journey to the world beyond its borders. In Stolen, discover the story of Bree’s life before she was Snatched from her home, before she joined the rebellion, and before she met a boy named Gray…

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My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I won a copy from Erin Bowman. Thank you Erin! *heart* Having been gifted a copy did not affect my views in any way. Warning: There will  be spoilers for Taken as I don't think I can talk about either without spilling anything.

If you didn't love Bree just yet in Taken (how is that even possible I don't know as she's kick-ass and strong), you will definitely love her in Stolen. Taken has showcased Claysoot and Taem but we know so little of the other towns or set-ups in the Laicos Project. I've been itching to know more about Saltwater because I want to know how Bree grew up and the culture she was raised in and how different a community where both boys and girls get 'Snatched' would be from Claysoot where only boys are 'Heisted'. That bit about each set-up calling being taken differently definitely ticked my hunger for more information.

Stolen showed how large and teeming with possibilities is the world Erin Bowman crafted for this series. Saltwater is loads different from Claysoot - geographically and culturally. It was even more amazing to read now that we know that it's all an experiment and that being snatched or heisted is not a supernatural event.

Aside from how Stolen enlarged the whole picture, it also put Bree into center focus. Bree has been headstrong ever since and I love her even more after reading this novella. And if you're following me on Twitter, you might have read a series of tweets where I quoted Stolen. Yes, in such a short novella, I still found quotable passages. Lastly and the most important of all, Stolen totally gave me so much feelings. This novella explored Bree's "love life" in Saltwater. It was heartbreaking and I just felt so much empathy for Bree. I wanted to hug her every single time. Gah, Erin Bowman, you are wonderful but you do know how to strike where it hurts.

All in all, Stolen did its job as it successfully made me even hungrier than ever for Frozen. Can't wait to read Frozen!

About Erin Bowman

Erin Bowman used to tell stories visually as a web designer. Now a full-time writer, she relies solely on words. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and when not writing she can often be found hiking, commenting on good typography, and obsessing over all things Harry Potter.


  1. I loved this one so much <3 I adored Bree in Taken and I was so excited for her novella. It was awesome getting to know her, but omg I was so heartbroken towards the end! Took me a while to get calm after that.
    Awesome review, Dianne :)

    1. Bree is so full of kicking awesomeness and I thank Erin for this novella and showing us more of Bree. AND YES, THE ENDING AND EVERYTHING. GAH. Thanks for stopping by, Richa! <3

  2. I must admit that I have heard some really terrible things about Taken, but I have also heard some really good things as well. I don't generally read novellas, but maybe if I started with this one so I could go into it liking it, I would be more inclined to like Taken? i don't know, but I think it is worth a shot!

    1. TAKEN is a bit love it or hate it but I do hope you try it so you can judge for yourself! You just might enjoy it, Jaime. Thanks for dropping by!


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