Top 13 2013 Books I Read That Led to Massive Book Hangovers

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Better late than later, right? So here is my 2013 wrap-up post for all of those bugging me to make one! Ha! So, while making this list, I realized that I mostly read 2013 books this year and my favorites were definitely released this year. I've read a total of 113 books and I gave a lot of 5 stars because 2013 has been awesome reading-wise. But these are the books that gave me massive book hangovers last year. I am definitely cheating because there are 14 books in here but I just can't remove one and I'll be explaining why as well. In more or less the order I read them, here goes! (Most of the links are my reviews unless otherwise stated! And if you don't want to click, I included my blurbs for most!) [Forgive my lameass graphics but I had fun doing them!]

By now, you should definitely know that I am Kasie West's pimp. Confession: I've been giving away her books in my blog and I pay for them. Gasp! Me, the ultimate cheapskate? Yup. I love PIVOT POINT because BECAUSE, just read my review. It's just the perfect mixture of mystery, romance, mind powers and heartbreak. Really, HEARTBREAK. I have the sequel, Split Second waiting for me and I cannot wait to delve into it!

"With a very likeable main character and her smartass and just plain awesome bestfriend plus a really cute and sensitive guy, this book's already awesome. But then add mind powers - telekinesis, clairvoyance, name it - and it just becomes more than awesome, more than fantastic."

The book high and hangover this gave me lasted for weeks. Weeks. I then toured the book just so I can spazz with more bloggers. I think I pimped the hell out of this book. I think it is underrated and deserves more MORE MOAAARR readers because it's the sweetest geeky/nerdy contemporary YA romance I have EVER read. That ending? I AM SWOONING JUST FROM REMEMBERING. *grabs my copy and re-reads AGAIN*

Seriously guys, this book is KICKASS. If you haven't read it, you are definitely missing out. The pure adrenaline this action-thriller gave me left me hounding Allen Zadoff repeatedly for the sequel. It is SOOOO good, guys. SOOOOO GOOOOOOD.

"Thrilling, gripping, compelling and at times heart-tugging, Boy Nobody is a book you won't be able to put down."

OF COURSE. Of course, Dare You To is in here because Katie McGarry's books deserve to be in every year's list of favorites. She just captures young love and all the issues she wants to tackle so freakingreat. With so much feelings without ever being cheesy. And OF COURSE. Of course, there is RYAN. Ryan mah baby!

I know this book got polarizing reviews but I. DON'T. CARE. CaWren FOREVAH. For me, Wren never felt unrealistic. She was with so much feelings even before but she just chose to hide them and follow orders. Well, that is until the order was to kill Callum. Callum baby so sweet and funny and adorbs. I don't care if others hate you because you were pretty much useless. I love these two and that's it!

"With a radically distinctive premise and story world, a kickass heroine, a very endearing hero and love interest, a makes-you-weak-in-the-knees romance, Reboot is a more-than-engaging page-turner."

So Graham and his pig pretty much owned me in This is What Happy Looks Like. And yes, I still haven't reviewed it because heck, too much endorphins ran through my body while reading that book. So why the tie? I think they got me on a book high and gave me a book hangover even though they aren't the best books around. I admit to them being flawed but I remember shoving these two books to my non-blogger friends to read.

Yes, I haven't reviewed this. I don't think I can ever review it because I don't know how I'll justify how much this novel rocked my core, my soul and every fiber of my being. YES, I said that.

By now, I've told this story TONS of times but I cried at a fastfood restaurant while eating my favorite potatoes while reading this. TEARS. No holding back. Death and grief are themes that really tug my heart and Daisy captured that. She not only captured that but she made me feel like I'm the character. Let's just say she broke me and put me slightly together in the span of a novel.

"When You Were Here was wonderfully heartbreaking yet uplifting. Daisy Whitney has crafted a tale packed with punches to the heart yet peppered with peace, acceptance and love. Heart and gut-wrenching, When You Were Here will break you apart and put you right back piece by piece. When You Were Here will move you and make you move forward, to live your life and to love."

The heaviest and most painful book I've read. I cried and I can still cry on cue when I remember what went down in this novel. Best new adult book I have ever read, HANDS DOWN.

"Going Under was excruciatingly perfect."

It's by David Levithan. DUH. Probably the only novel wherein I cried the whole of the book. I can't count how many times I cried while reading this and this is just so beautiful.

"Two Boys Kissing was utterly heartbreaking and bittersweetly perfect."


"AMERICAN GIRL ON SATURN is the boyband fangirl's Holy Grail on living the dream. If you've found yourself dreaming of being with a boyband member at any point in your life, you can live that fantasy in this novel. Living vicariously through the Branson sisters? OH YEAH!"

Have you read my review??? I started having no words but exclamation marks then ended up with too much words. THIS. BOOK. TIME TRAVEL. ENOUGH SAID.

"With heart-stopping action, adrenaline-rushing scenes, first love, great love, moral dilemmas, sacrifices and time travel awesomeness packed into one captivating and fetching tale, All Our Yesterdays is a tour de force in the time travel landscape. Intriguing and riveting, Cristin Terrill's debut novel is unparalleled in its magnificence. Brilliant is an understatement. It is a stroke of genius."

I can still remember emailing Ingrid four consecutive times to rave and rant and to say how much this book took home the prize as the bittersweetest cake. And how much I got hooked. I can still talk at length on how awesome and mind-bending and heartbreaking this novel is. Just ask me! E-P-I-C-L-O-V-E

"When the World Was Flat (and we were in love) by Ingrid Jonach is a compelling and outstanding masterpiece weaving in mystery, mind-bending twists, alternate dimensions and an epic love altogether seamlessly. Perfect for fans of parallel universe and time travel romance novels like me, which makes this book perfect for me. You wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it long after you have finished reading it."

Yes, two out of two books she released last 2013 is in here! Because I loooooove Katie and her writing and her characters and EVERYTHING. Read this twice and the fireworks and the magic never diminished. It's THAT good. I even wrote Isaiah a lameass acrostic ode.

"I can't even explain how
Sexyamazinglysweetchivalrousbravesaddeninglybrokenandalonebutstillturnedoutgreat you
Are but you,
Are one
Heck of a great guy I'd steal from Rachel in a heartbeat."


So that's it! Feel free to share your top 2013 books or bash me that I have poor tastes. Haha! Here's to an awesome 2014!


  1. OOH! YEAY :D power of peer pressure! you finally did it. I seriously need to read Crash Into You and All Our Yesterdays and Reboot… sigh. I agree on Pivot Point <3 I LOVE Kasie West!!! Must check out Boy Nobody too! thanks for the recs!

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

    1. I wasn't planning on doing one because I'm so lazy but then you told me to. Yes, I am easily pressured. Haha! YES, you need to read Crash into You, All Our Yesterdays (HAVE YOU READ MY REVIEW BLURB??) and Reboot and Boy Nobody!!! I'll be reading your recs so you should read mine as well. Haha! And yesss, Kasie West forever! <3 Thank you for dropping by, Juhina!

  2. I SO badly want to read All Our Yesterdays, Boy Nobody and, well, all of them! I have Crash Into You and Pivot Point on my Kindle, must read them soon! :D

    1. You should definitely read those soon since you already have them. They are GUHREEEEAAAATTT! Thanks for stopping in here and commenting! <3

  3. Thanks for including When the World was Flat xxoo I have been keen for some good book recommendations so I am adding all of these to my to-read list :-)

    1. Ingrid, I don't know if you fully understand how much your book affected me. It's just so GAAAAAHHH. <3333 Thanks for commenting!! And for writing your book, obvs. :P

  4. Hopeless by Colleen Hoover, though. I feel you! I'm still suffering from a book hangover over that book until now and I've read it four days ago!

    1. I KNOW. I feel you. I have yet to read Losing Hope though. :| I know, bad girl. Thanks for dropping by, Zaira!

  5. I'm glad to see two Australian authors on your list. (I'm Australian.) I'm yet to read Life In Outer Space but I want to and after reading this I want it ASAP. Thanks for sharing.

    1. What's with Australian authors and bands, btw? I have yet to encounter one who isn't great. Please, do yourself a favor and read Life in Outer Space asap. Pure geeky contemporary YA romance in all it GLOOOOORRRRYYYY. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. So half of your top books are in my to read list this 2014. I'm totally staying true to my resolution to try to read Katie McGarry's books, HA! Also Pivot Point because the cover and the title are just so gorgeous. YAY! You put Going Under and When the World was Flat on your top books too! They were indeed amazing reads. :)

    1. YES. Going Under and When the World Was Flat = SO MUCH AWESOME AND HEARTBREAK. You should definitely pop your Katie McGarry cherry and join us in spazzing over the McGarry boys. Heehee. And yes, Split Second is coming out this February so it's the perfect time to read Pivot Point! Get the paperback, I heard there's an extra content or something. :P Thank you for dropping byyyyy, Kaylaaaaa~~~

  7. I haven't read When the World Was Flat yet, but I will soon, it sounds amazing! I especially loved Two Boys Kissing though. Great list :)


    1. Of course I'm biased but you really have to read WTWWF! And yes, Two Boys Kissing. GAAAHHH <333 Thanks for dropping by, Kimi!


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