Release Day Blitz Invite: Siren's Curse by Sara Jiang

Sunday, November 24, 2013

OH MY GUYS PLEASE HELP ME I FORGOT TO POST THIS INVITE IN MY BLOG AND IT'S ON IN A FEW DAYS AND I NEED SIGN-UPS! If you can spare some time to set-up this post, I'll be sending everything. HTML-ready post and everything. Please please. Thank you!

Siren's Curse
Title: Siren's Curse
Author: Sara Jiang
Date of Publication: November 29, 2013
Genre: paranormal/fantasy YA

Circe only has seven days to live… and time is ticking.

Long ago, Sirens were cursed to stay on the rocks. If they ever stopped eating human flesh, their horns would pierce their bodies and they would die.

Circe had a choice: stay on the Perch with her sisters, feeding off of sailors for all time, or to dive into the deep, face the unknown, and take her chance at freedom.

On her journey into the ocean Circe meets a precocious little sea dragon, a heart-throb shark, and an eel with a vengeance. She comes face to face with witches, madmen, monsters, and a mysterious, loud rumbling that seems to only be getting louder.

Can she break the curse?

No need to be top post. Please help me and Sara if you can!

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