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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Love and Lists (Chocoholics, #1)
Title: Love and Lists (Chocoholics #1)
Author: Tara Sivec
Date of Publication: October 1, 2013

Love and Lists is the first book in the Chocolate Lovers spinoff - Chocoholics: The foul-mouthed offspring tell their stories.

Twenty-five-year-old Gavin Ellis has always had the love and support of his family ever since he was a little boy and couldn't stop talking about his penis. He's also always had their unsolicited advice and uncanny knack of embarrassing him at all costs. Now that he's an adult and trying to convince the love of his life to love him back, things haven't changed very much from when he was younger.

When Gavin's best friend Tyler suggests he make a to-do list of items that will ensure he wins the girl, Gavin is one-hundred-percent on board: after a few six packs.

After puking in the shrubs, a bad experience with Viagra, a Sex-Ed course gone wrong, and a slew of other mishaps courtesy of his family and friends, Gavin is pretty sure this list will be the death of him.

Sometimes, trying to make someone love you with a list isn't always the best idea. Especially when "Show her your penis" is the first "to-do" item...

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My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to Madison of Madison Says and Tara Sivec for the review copy. This in no way affected my views of the novel.

I am hereby offering all the chocolates in the world to Tara Sivec for bringing me out of my reading and reviewing slump that lasted for more than two weeks! I felt really hopeless in the past two weeks because of said slump but who knew that all I needed was an outrageously funny book to revive my itch to read? If not for this book, I'd still be in the darkness. #overdramatic

Just read my Goodreads review right after I read it:







But just know that if you want to laugh, YOU SHOULD READ THIS! I still can't stop laughing HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

A book about lists just calls for a list-type of review, right? So that's what I'm gonna do! Tada!

Five Reasons Why I Love LOVE AND LISTS aka Five Reasons Why YOU Should Read It

1. HELLA FUNNY I CAN'T EVEN HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO. This is by far the MOST HILARIOUS book I've ever read. EVER. EVER EVER. I don't know about you but I love rude and crass humor. The more profane it is, the better. Gah, I just gobble that up. When the characters don't have tact and inhibitions, THAT'S IT RIGHT THERE. I love that stuff. As you can read in the blurb, this novel sounds like a crazy ride into a story of fun. And it is! I mean, I can't stress this enough but if you want to laugh, This. Is. The. Book. You. Should. Read. But if you can't stand reading the word "penis", "vagina", "sex", "vibrator" and all that, well, maybe this isn't for you. Afterall, Gavin works in a sex toy store.

2. Dual POV. I felt like giving this book 4 stars right from the start because I was having so much fun. And then Tara brings in the big guns and narrates it in dual POV, my ultimate weakness. To hear both sides of the story tickles me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And thus, LOVE AND LISTS got five stars from me. Oh Gavin and Charlotte. <3

3. Premise. Guy has been in love with his best friend since birth. Well, not since birth but you get the point. He then goes on to win her heart by following a semi-insane list his totally crazy guy best friend wrote. What's not to love? First, best friends to lovers! Next, A LIST! For a person who heavily relies on lists (to-do, to-buy, review, I list anything and everything under the sun), I just adore the plot to this novel.

4. Characters. This novel wouldn't be funny if not for the larger-than-life characters. Gavin, though working in a sex toy store, isn't as experienced as anyone thinks he is. In reality, he doesn't know first thing about a girl's parts! Theoretically, yes. But if he's the one to do it without any implements? No. Freaking. Clue. Which makes Gavin, even if he's so confident-bordering-on-cocky, ultimately lovable and endearing. Love him! Then we get Charlotte, his best friend. I wouldn't dwell much on Charlotte because I think it was a spoiler enough that I said the book is in dual POV. You should get to know her!

But the novel should thank its side characters for making the story wonderful and gut-bustingly funny. Seriously. Tyler, Gavin's guy best friend, cannot be contained. I love love love him and his insanity and all of his quirks. He has the biggest crush on Tyler's mom and he hits on her! Hahahahaha, can I just laugh in this review? Would you be convinced that I really had such an amazeballs time with these characters if I just laugh? HAHAHAHAHAHA

So Tyler is just the first. Ava, Charlotte's best friend, is such a mean bitch but gah, if she wasn't funny, I would have hated her. Rocco, Charlotte's boyfriend, was flamboyantly fun. And let's not forget Uncle Drew and Aunt Jenny. They are legitimately crazy with legitimately kinky and weird sex lives. Hahahaha! I'll stop right there but they had me bellowing in laughter. Then we also have Carter (Gavin's dad) getting high, Jim (Charlotte's dad) wanting to shoot Rocco with his shotgun and last but not the least, Claire (Gavin's mom) and Liz (Charlotte's mom) arguing, cursing and throwing each other down. They're best friends, which totally explains why they can say anything and be brutally honest and mean to each other. I had so much fun reading how they fight because it sounds like me and my best friend arguing. Actually, although not this obscene, I talk like this. Mwahahaha!

5. Romance. Lastly, the romance. Best friends turned lovers? Done deal. Always sweet and cute and funny. <3

What made me undoubtedly give this book 5 stars is that it made me want to read the original series! So that's what I'm doing. I wanna know the whole gang! Gah, Tara, you are seriously wrecking my reading schedule!

Crassly and crazily fun, LOVE AND LISTS is a must-read for anyone looking for a gut-achingly hilarious read about how lists can bring you love. I highly recommend this to any humor-loving person out there. HAHAHAHAHAHA (residual laugh)

About Tara Sivec

Tara Sivec is a wife, mom, chauffeur, cheerleading coach, soccer coach, babysitter, short-order cook, genius and albino squirrel hunter. She lives in Ohio with her husband and two kids. In her spare time she likes read, write and cover things in chocolate. Most of her material comes from real life experiences with family and friends. Lucky for them, the names have been changed to protect the innocent (aka, drunk).

Tara also writes under the pen name T.E. Sivec where she can be serious, suspenseful and not at all funny.


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