Announcing: Lauren Blakely Read-Along and Lauren Blakely Week

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I'm a HUGE fan of Lauren Blakely and her writing. I read all of her books in two days. That's how obsessed I am with her novels. However, I realized that I haven't reviewed them all because gah, they're too awesome for words! So to remedy that, I'll be holding a Lauren Blakely week this October 21 to 27! Incidentally, October 21 is the release date of Lauren's upcoming novel from Entangled, FAR TOO TEMPTING. It's gonna be one whole week full of Lauren Blakely awesomeness, which is redundant because Lauren Blakely = AWESOME. Here's the schedule!

October 21: Far Too Tempting review
October 22: Caught Up in Us review
October 23: Pretending He's Mine review
October 24: Playing With Her Heart review
October 25: Trophy Husband review
October 26: Secret!
October 27: Super secret!

What a great line-up and schedule if you ask me!

But it would be so lonely to do this alone so I want YOU to join! If you're looking for some great contemporary new adult/adult reads, I highly suggest and recommend Lauren's books! Everything's merrier with many people so invite your friends as well! If you've been meaning to read one of her books (OR ALL), now's the time! You can also post your review for her novels during the LB week but no pressure! I just want to spread the love! If you end up reviewing her books, you can leave a link in here so I can check them out!

Moreover, I don't have a strict schedule for the read-along. You can read only one book per week or all books in one week (like I did) or just read which of her books you want. No pressure! I just want to spread the love and I believe reading together is such an enjoyable activity!

Feel free to use the banner as well!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now! Linky~

Lauren Blakely reviews!


  1. OMG, Dianne that's sooo awesome! I love Lauren Blakely too! :D My ultimate fave is Trophy Husband <3 Eeeek, though I was a sucker with her other books too! :"> *coughs Playing with her heart -- I felt I can feel Jill's emotions coughs*

    1. Oh my, Jas!!! Kindred spirits! <3 <3 <3 Gah, I love Lauren Blakely sooooo much! I need to email you soon and spazz with you eeeeekkkk


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