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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm so honored to host Dancer, Daughter, Traitor, Spy on its release day today! Check it out below!

Dancer, Daughter, Traitor, Spy
Title: Dancer, Daughter, Traitor, Spy
Author: Elizabeth Kiem
Publisher: Soho Teen
Date of Publication: August 13, 2013

They thought they had run far enough...

Marina Dukovskaya is poised to make her debut as the Bolshoi's prima ballerina, an Artist of the People hand chosen by Leonid Brezhnev's regime, just as her mother Sveta was years ago. But that was then. Now, Sveta spends her time loudly claiming knowledge of a sinister government secret (that she acquired through “visions,” no less). When she disappears, institutionalized by the government, they tell Marina “It’s for her own good.”

Fearing arrest as Sveta’s sympathizers, Marina and her father defect to Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. But it seems the worst of old Russia’s crooks and con men have followed, and Marina finds herself suddenly alone when her father’s entanglement in the burgeoning Russian mob ends in tragedy. Tragedy Marina foresaw. Maybe Sveta’s visions weren’t all in her head after all.

Either way, Marina has a deadly mystery on her hands.

DANCER DAUGHTER TRAITOR SPY, Elizabeth Kiem’s debut novel, draws on the author’s years living in the Soviet Union just after its collapse. Combining the Cold War intrigue of The Americans, the cutthroat atmosphere of the elite ballet academies at the Bolshoi and Lincoln Center, and the frenetic pulse of New York City in the early ‘80s, Dancer Daughter Traitor Spy is a new breed of spy novel.

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Dream Movie Cast for Lindsay, Ben's girlfriend and Marina's best friend

This one is easy. An all-American looker fond of big earrings and loud behavior. Delicate features, dimples, not a single whisper of mean girl. Funny as can be, but apt to wind up with her foot in her mouth (by, for example, dropping the F bomb on live TV.)

Jenny Slate, former SNL cast member and creator of the marvelous off-beat Marcel the Snail with Shoes On -- get your Brooklyn accent on!

Photo credits to Collider
Check out Elizabeth's dream movie cast for Ben!

About Elizabeth Kiem

Elizabeth Kiem studied Russian language and literature at Columbia University and writes novels, essays, reports, reviews, grocery lists and more.​ She has lived in Brooklyn for more than 15 years, and before that she lived in Moscow as it entered a new era, immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Besides Brooklyn and Moscow, her favorite places are Alaska (where she was born), Istanbul (where she understood that all great cities straddle the water), and Haiti (where life itself straddles the water). In Russian, she is Elizaveta Ivanovna. Dancer Daughter Traitor Spy is her first novel.

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