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Thursday, August 1, 2013

After Tuesday (These Days, #1)
Title: After Tuesday (These Days #1)
Author: Renee Ericson
Date of Publication: May 5, 2013

Family really is a pain…especially when your father is an addict.

For the last two years, high school senior Ruby has been her own rock and solace. She has learned to depend only on herself and hides her family's issues by keeping herself somewhat unnoticeable. Despite her isolation, Ruby has intrigued the affections of someone unexpected. Finding herself loving life once again as his persistence sparks a romance awakening a well-protected heart.

While Ruby’s relationship with her father is constantly teetering, her new-found affection continues to blossom into something more than she ever thought possible. Soon, Ruby comes to realize that opening up your heart means being susceptible to love and disappointment.

YA-M: This book contains mature content including profanity, drug/alcohol use, and sexual situations/language.

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My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Thank you to Shane of Itching for Books Blog Tours and Renee for the review copy! Still, only honest opinions here!

Out of all the contemporary new adult romances I've read in the past, After Tuesday must be the lightest of them all. Don't get me wrong, it tackled alcohol and drug use, addiction, a little bit of death and family problems. I wouldn't say it was heavy because as much as it dealt with Ruby's kinda-an-absentee father with his drug and alcohol addiction, it was also centered on Ruby and Brent's burgeoning relationship.

Ruby and Brent's dance to romance was cute and sweet. Brent's the popular guy who's dated the prettiest and smartest girl in school for the longest time. Ruby transferred to their school when they were sophomores and remained invisible. Until the summer Brent broke it off with Frankie and he saw Ruby during the summer camp his brother attended. Brent can't believe he's been going to school with Ruby for years because it was honestly the first time he saw her. Of course, everyone has a crush on Brent, including Ruby though she never thought it possible for Brent to notice her. They start dating and they fall in love with each other, with of course some mishaps and obstacles along the way. Their relationship wasn't a complete insta-love but they did fell in love within the summer but who can blame them? They're teens and it's the summer. What I adore in this is that even though theirs was a summer romance, they stuck until the end.

Looking back, I think I would have liked After Tuesday even more if I knew that it's more of a slice-of-live novel. While the general conflict is Ruby's father's constant alcohol intake, I didn't feel like it was really a conflict. Sure, Ruby and her father's relationship is strained and they pretty much live separate lives but in my opinion, at least, her father doesn't hurt her and keeps to himself. So the conflict in this just sort of snowballed to the end and it did tug at my heart. I like how all of the characters grew, even the minor characters. In fact, I immensely enjoyed Ruby's cousin, Cody. While he's rugged and he shows his love and concern for Ruby in a totally macho way, I appreciate him so much. I think I've read too many broken people recently that I feel like there'll be an issue that will come up every step of the way. I kept expecting the worst from everyone but alas, whew, it wasn't like that. Refreshingly, what you expect is what you get from After Tuesday and though that makes it kind of predictable, it was still very much appreciated.

After Tuesday is the first book in the These Days series and the next book will delve into Ruby and Brent's college life. If given the chance to review the sequel, I'll grab the chance! I read the preview at the end of After Tuesday and Brent and Ruby did experience some rocky roads which I want to read about. Even though After Tuesday is sold as a new adult novel, I think it's more of a mature YA. Sure, there were some sexual situations and scenes but they were pretty tame compared to the usual NA fare. I do think the next book will have more graphic scenes since they're in college. I recommend After Tuesday to fans of sweet high school romances!

About Renee Ericson

Renee loves to wear hoodies, is fluent in Yoda speak, and likes to make videos with Lego figures. She is a long time insomniac, but doesn't have the energy to start an underground Fight Club so she settles for writing stories about the characters who plague her mind. She grew up in the Midwest and currently resides in the Boston area, but sounds nothing like Ben Affleck or Matt Damon.


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  1. I should have signed up for this. Hahaha. I wanna meet Cody. Love such minor characters. ;)

    I think that's kinda the problem with some books. The MC do have a problem but then it wasn't that developed or what. Glad you liked this, Dianne! :D

    1. I think it was developed alright but I was just expecting more. But it was refreshing that there weren't no hidden twists and issues because those were certainly getting old for me. Hope you get around to reading this soon. Thanks for stopping by, Nina!

  2. Good review. Thanks for participating :)

  3. Thanks so much for reading and being part of the tour! xoxo

  4. Hm. I am definitely interested in this one. I like cute, sweet romances. Thanks for sharing this Dianne!

    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

    1. Hee, hope you get around to reading it soon! Thank you for dropping by and commenting, Jessica! <3


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