Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hey! I haven't done this since forever and now that I have a TTT buddy in Kazhy of My Library in the Making, I will push myself to always participate in this! So today's topic is "Top Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition". If you know me, I almost always root for the underdogs and when I read a really great novel which isn't as popular as it should be, I take it to be my personal mission to promote said book and its author. So today, I'm spotlighting these authors and these books because THEY ARE GREAT. You need to read these books! You can click the titles to go to my reviews. So here goes!

Melissa Keil

Melissa Keil is the author of Life in Outer Space, which in my opinion is still the best geeky contemporary YA romance I've ever read. I haven't read many but I just enjoyed this so much and ended up thinking about it even days after I finished it. Plus, Melissa is so kind!

Lisa Mangum

Lisa Mangum is the author of After Hello, which in my opinion is one of the best contemporary YA romances EVER EVER EVER and probably the best I read of the 24-hour nature. Chance meeting? Check. Going around the city in a day? Check. This book is so underrated I wanna shove it to everyone. Lisa also wrote the Hourglass door series, a YA time travel series I still have to read! Go check out my interview with Lisa too and she's cool! (She dreams some of her novel plots!)

Kristen Simmons

I think Kristen Simmons deserves more love and recognition for writing the Article 5 series. It's not too heavy on the romance but so heavy on the action. I know some people didn't enjoy it as much because there wasn't as much romance as they wished. But hey, they're in hard times and not sucking faces at a time like that is the more appropriate course of action, don't you think? I just love Article 5 and Breaking Point so much, no offense to those who didn't. Hi Kristen! You're so sweet! <3

Ellen J. Green

Ellen J. Green's The Book of James is one of the first self-published novels I've ever read and still one of the most gripping, thrilling and creepy murder thrillers out there in my opinion. SO. GOOD. I tried to stop reading at midnight because I was scared but I still can't stop.

Tellulah Darling

Tellulah Darling wrote the YA rom-coms Sam Cruz's Infallible Guide to Getting Girls and My Ex from Hell. Both are SOOOOO HILARIOUS and funny and witty. Plus, she's so lovely and kind and sweet. And we talk a lot about random things and I just love her, okay? You all need to read her novels.

Elizabeth Fama

I've only read Elizabeth Fama's Monstrous Beauty and I was floored. I still remember how much my heart ached and soared with this novel. I don't understand how it isn't getting all the love it deserves so do try Monstrous Beauty. It's gorgeous.

Dan Rix

If you want a lot of science in your sci-fi and yet it not suffering from lack of a riveting romance, you should read Dan Rix's Entanglement. YOU SHOULD READ IT!

Ingrid Seymour

There are LOTS of new adult novels right now and it is all the rage. But from all of those, I think you should definitely read Ingrid Seymour's The Guys Are Props Club. It has a unique plot and such great pacing, awesome characters and all elements for an enjoying read.

Sharon Jones

Sharon Jones won SCBWI's Undiscovered Voices 2012. And now that her debut novel Dead Jealous is out already, I think she deserves more recognition and her novel more sales! I kinda feel sad that people don't get to hear much about Dead Jealous because it's published by a UK publisher but I definitely think The Poppy Sinclair Thrillers are the new Nancy Drew Mysteries and that's saying a lot because I'm a BIG fan of Nancy Drew.

Daisy Whitney

I loved Daisy Whitney's When You Were Here and I love her to Pluto and back and back again and again and again. And I think she deserves even more recognition than she already has. So much more. I wish her all the recognition and the sales and the love in this world. <3

So that's it! Sorry for the lack of pictures, I'm kind of in a rush (and lazy). Do check out my reviews for the plot and what I think about of these books.

Feel free to share your TTT's in the comments or just give some comment love! <3

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  1. Great list! Just added a couple of these to my TBR. :)

    1. Weee! Hope you get to read them, Lindsay! :D

  2. Good list, I feel that I should read Life in Outer Space if it's geeky.

    1. Please do! Please. If I can only afford it, I'll give you a copy. It really needs to be read. <3 Thanks for dropping by!


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