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Monday, July 22, 2013

Music Plus Books

I think I'm enjoying joining read-alongs! So the Radical Read-Along is hosted by Krystianna from Downright Dystopian, Jenna from Rather Be Reading YA and Laura of Music Plus Books. For their first book, they'll be reading Unearthly by Cynthia Hand. I already read and reviewed Unearthly but I want to join them in the discussion posts! And I'm also hosting a challenge!

Directly lifted from Laura's post: "There are going to be set chapters that we and you, because you are going to join, will be reading each day of the read-along. Then, the next day, write up a discussion post, video, update etc. You can put all your discussions in one post if you like but remember to separate them. Throughout the read-along we will also be hosting challenges!"

Don't have a copy of Unearthly? Join Laura's giveaway so you'll be ready!

Here's the schedule! (I'm hosting a challenge and a giveaway of Hallowed on the 28th!)

July 25: Kick Off. Read 4 chapters.
July 26: Read 5 chapters. Discussion posts for Day 1. Visit Music Plus Books for the Cover Remake challenge.
July 27: Read 4 chapters. Discussion posts for Day 2. Visit Downright Dystopian for the Dream Cast challenge.
July 28: Read 5 chapters. Discussion posts for Day 3. Visit my blog for the Team Wars challenge!
July 29: Read 4 chapters. Discussion posts for Day 4. Need a challenge host.
July 30: Discussion posts for Day 5. Wrap-up and review! Visit Rather Be Reading YA for the Review challenge.

If you want to be a challenge host, you can contact Laura at @musicplusbooks!

No need to have a blog! For more info and to get the tour buttons, go check out Laura's introductory post! And go sign up there as well!


Discussion: Day 1

So I've already read Unearthly but I figured, why not read it again for this one? But who am I kidding? How can I undo first impressions or reading a book for the first time? So I guess I'll just talk.

I love reading books centered on angels. But the ironic thing is, I haven't read one that I absolutely love. (Please suggest some for me!) I guess, what I love is the idea and the organic conflicts angel novels have. Generally, I'm a fan of romances that need to transcend great divides. Good and evil, land and sea, life and death, time - these types of romances are must-reads for me. Upon reading Unearthly before, I have only ever read Hush, Hush and let's just not talk about that.

What was refreshing with Unearthly was that the angels here have a definite purpose but that they don't know it immediately. So, while Unearthly will have romance, what makes the story move forward is the mystery of Clara's purpose. I love that about it.

Moreover, I especially like the remote setting in Wyoming. I have no idea what's in Wyoming so this is surely a plus! And I'll be honest here, as early as the four chapters, I AM CRUSHING ON JEFFREY!

Check back here for my Day 2 Discussions!

Discussion: Day 2

Can please someone gift me Jeffrey's shirt? "If idiots could fly, this place would look like an airport"? Pretty, please? Hee. Okay, I'm really sorry about going on and on about Jeffrey. It's just that, the first time I read Unearthly, I've been so busy speculating about Clara's mission and choosing which guy to ship for that I've never given Jeffrey much love. Sure, I found him cute but I was busy inspecting Christian and Tucker to see who's best for me, I mean Clara. Hahaha, you got me there!

Anyway, Clara finds Angela in these chapters! So first, wow, angels/halfsies/quartsies (I'm so cute) seem common. Two in a single class! Okay sorry. I guess after reading it for the second time, I'm becoming critical. And I love Wendy! I really do! <3

I wish we did that in school! Assigning someone to be queen, some were serfs (the bit about Christian being Christian the fifth already after dying countless of times as a serf CRACKED ME UP the second time around) and all that was seriously COOL. Didn't think history could be cool! (I hated history in school.)

So hey, now all of you know Christian and Tucker a bit more. So who are you rooting for right now? Be ready tomorrow because I'm hosting the TEAM WARS CHALLENGE! Be ready to dish it out for your man!

Discussion: Day 3

So we're tasked to read Chapters 10 to 13. Oh damn, these chapters. It's a rollercoaster for Clara. Or maybe, it's like those freefall rides? *wink wink* Don't you get it? With her dropping off heights just to fly? Okay, fine.

So aside from physically free falling, the Christian business is really confusing. Then there's Tucker. Okay, I suck at this discussion thing. The things is, I gave Unearthly 4 stars the first time. Then, I felt like it's quite not right so I ultimately gave it a 3. But now, rereading it and knowing what's actually gonna happen, I guess I'm finding more things I like about it. Gasp, shocking, right? So right now, I'm utterly confused as of why I even gave it a 3 in the first place.

Oh Tucker, Tucker. But then, I feel bad for Christian because he just went out of the picture and of course, we all know it's Tucker's show now. Okay, I won't say anything anymore that will sway you to either side. Just...

Don't forget that I'm hosting the Team Wars Challenge! Head on over there to defend your man! (Or boy. Or if you want to defend a truck, go!)

Discussion: Day 4

So now, we all pretty much Team Tucker right now, yeah? If you're still on Team Christian, I APPLAUD YOUR LOYALTY! So this is where why I only gave 3 stars to Unearthly before. I felt like the love triangle wasn't really properly done. Put Christian out of the picture and let Tucker take all the spotlight. Of course readers will ship Clara with Tucker! So there you go. While I did make some dolphin squeaks back then while reading this, there was this nagging thought that I shouldn't be Team Tucker just yet because Christian seems like a good guy and he's just not here. But maybe that's just me!

Discussion: Day 5

BOOM, THAT WAS INTENSE, RIGHT? I got late for class back then because I can't stop reading until I finish the whole book. I was late for 30 minutes and it was worth it. Everything went by so fast and just, WOAH! And did you catch that bit with Jeffrey? So excited to read more about Jeffrey and his blackened wings. SO INTRIGUING! And I am SO looking forward to more Clara-Christian interactions! I wasn't a fan though of the non-ending.

So that was it! I just semi-read Unearthly for the second time! Thank you to Laura, Jenna and Krystianna for hosting this read-along!


  1. Thanks for joining us! I added your link for the 28th to my sign-up post. :)

  2. Hey, Jeffrey's only 14... (I like him too!)

    Jenna @ Rather Be Reading YA

    1. I'm only 19! That can work, right? When we're in our 20s or 30s? Hahaha!

  3. I love the setting as well. I probably will continue on with the series (I imagine at this point anyway) so Jeffrey is one of the characters that will be interesting to see how he changes and if he ends up playing a bigger role or not.

    Happy Reading!
    Stephanie (Love. Life. Read)

    1. I've been meaning to continue the series as well! I just don't have copies of the sequel and the last book. So this might be cheating since I've read Unearthly before but it was definitely hinted that Jeffrey will play a much larger role than he did in the first book. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and some comment love, Stephanie!

  4. Haha, I totally love Jeffrey too! I think it's so sweet that his already found his true love Kimber.
    Laura @ Music Plus Books

    1. I remember a blog where they were Team Tucker at first. Then Team Christian. Then Team Jeffrey. Haha! I feel like I might be like those bloggers. Hee. Thanks for dropping by, Laura!

  5. Lol. Jeffrey is a cutie patootie.

    A really great angel series is Anne Rice's Angel Time series. It's not YA, and the MC is a bad ass assassin. ^_^

    Dee @ Dee's Reads

    1. I'll check it out, Dee! Thank you so much for the recommendation!!! And thanks for dropping by! *smooshes Jeffrey's cute face*

  6. My dad is a history teacher. I'm going to have to tell him about the history class. That would be so much fun!

    Jenna @ Rather Be Reading YA

    1. Do it! I think he'd be cool just for doing that! :D


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