{Radical Read-Along} Team Wars Challenge + Giveaway: Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Music Plus Books

The time has come for me to host the Team Wars Challenge! What is this challenge, you say? By today, you should have read until Chapter 13 of Unearthly. And we've already met both love interests, Christian and Tucker. So this challenge is really simple. Just write a post on which team are you on and defend it! Here are some examples:

"Team Christian! I mean, HELLO, a Christian for an angel like Clara! Isn't that obvious enough?"

"Team Tucker! I love me some truck-driving, twinsies with my new best friend, ski instructor and HEY, I just love Tucker and enjoy how he teases Clara!"

As for me, I don't want to say here which team I am on so you won't be swayed or whatever. I said it though on my review before. And I'm Team Jeffrey now so it doesn't matter. Haha!

You can be as animated as you want (Use GIFs! Make a video! Anything!) or you can make a poem expressing your undying love and loyalty to your team or a simple explanation via a paragraph. Anything's great! I would LOVE to read why you're on your team. Plus, at the end of this read-along, I want YOU to come back here and say if you changed teams or not. Just a comment would be enough.

Now, once your post is up and about, link it here!

And of course, if you posted for my challenge (I love you!), you're in for a prize! Can't wait to read Hallowed? You can win an ecopy here!


  1. I love this challenge! What tea, are YOU?! Don't think I haven't noticed you didn't mention which team you're for! Hehehe


    Dee @ Dee's Reads

    1. I didn't want to sway you or anything so I didn't say in my post. But I said in my discussion posts that I'm Team Tucker. Haha! :P Thanks for participating in my challenge, Dee!

  2. I'm so unsure of which team I am! I really like them both. I keep going to one of them and then right back to the other. >.<

    1. I get you. You don't need to choose! Haha!


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