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Thursday, July 4, 2013

I am so proud and happy to announce that Dead Jealous by Sharon Jones are out in bookstores today! Sharon Jones is a winner SCBWI's Undiscovered Voices 2012! And now that her debut novel is out, a contemporary young adult crime mystery at that, I can't wait for you all to be able to read it too! In my tour stop today, I have my review of Dead Jealous and Sharon's dream movie cast! You know how much I love dream movie casts. So let's get down to the bottom of this mystery!

Dead Jealous
Title: Dead Jealous (The Poppy Sinclair Thrillers #1)
Author: Sharon Jones
Publisher: Orchard Books
Date of Publication: July 4, 2013

People think of Mother Nature as a gentle lady. They forget that she's also Death...Sixteen-year-old Poppy Sinclair believes in quantum particles, not tarot cards, in Dawkins, not druids. Last summer, in a boating accident in the Lake District, Poppy had a brush with death. But the girl she finds face down in Scariswater hasn't been so lucky. As she fights to discover the truth behind what she believes is murder, Poppy is forced to concede that people and things are not always what they seem and, slipping ever deeper into a web of lies, jealousy and heart-stopping danger, she comes to realise - too late - that the one thing that can save her has been right there, all the time.

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Trailer (This trailer is so frickin' creepy! Totally sets the vibe for the novel!)


My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Thank you to Victoria of Hachette Children's Books for the ARC and to Sharon Jones for inviting me to her blog tour! Still, only honest opinions are welcome here so fret not as this in no way affected my views of the book! Because, heck yeah, Dead Jealous is fan-friggin-awesome!

Poppy Sinclair, although brought up in a pagan household, does not believe in it. She prefers logic and reason and thinks that science is the true dogma. She even named her dog after an atheist. But not wanting to attend the birthday party of Julia, her best friend Michael's girlfriend, because she's in love with her best friend and she hates Julia, she joins her mom Meg and Jonathan to their handfasting/wedding ceremony in the John Barleycorn Festival. However, when Poppy finds Beth, a girl she talked to the previous night, dead in the lake, her life gets turned upside down. Everyone rules it as an accident but Poppy is sure she was murdered. Seeking justice for Beth, she then tries to get to the bottom of Beth's death, going all in to this mystery, which puts her in danger.

First, Sharon Jones has crafted such a creepy and atmospheric setting for Dead Jealous. That prologue? It honest to goodness gave me goosebumps. I know nothing about Wiccan beliefs but Dead Jealous did not intimidate me. In fact, I now know a lot more than before I read it. It presented their customs in a matter of fact way, without swaying you to believe in it and without disregarding it as false also. Moreover, the contrast of a non-believer in Poppy to the whole pagan festival was such a good ploy.

Dead Jealous is a quick read. Not only because it's short but because Sharon proved to be a master of pacing. You wouldn't be able to put this down as you will flip page after page until you're clamoring for more of Poppy. The mystery was the heart of the story but Sharon Jones have successfully made Dead Jealous equal parts plot-driven and character-driven. While Poppy's investigation for what she believes is murder is the one moving the story, we also see how Poppy learns and grows along the way. What I love about Poppy is her spirit and passion, to see things through and to unravel the truth. Maybe it's the atheist or the scientist or the critical thinker in her, but she won't stop until she knows what really happened to Beth. It doesn't help that she's haunted by Beth or Maya or both and she doesn't even know what's happening. She dreams about them and it's as if they talk to her.

Not only was the crime mystery engaging, Sharon has made the readers as invested in Poppy's "love life" too. She's in love with her best friend Michael but Michael already has a girlfriend. She meets a cute, older guy in Tariq during the festival and decides to at least try to move on and have fun. She's really attracted to Tariq but she still loves Michael. Uh-oh. Theirs wasn't necessarily a love triangle because hey, can't a girl just meet a cool, older stranger (just by only four years, which is kinda perfect) in a festival? I fancy love lines with an older guy and Tariq is so sweet and lovable too but I'm ultimately a sucker for bestfriends-turned-more stories. So I was really torn on who I want for Poppy at first. But in the end, #TeamMichael!

All the characters were written well and that you can't keep but guessing who's the murderer and then Sharon keeps on proving that you're wrong! He's not the murderer! I especially like how cool the adults are in here but I guess that's a given because they're hippies. Beth, Maya and Kane were enigmatic and really mysterious. And really creepy as well. Plus that cover, really apt and fitting and totally sets the mood for the whole novel. And that ending, perfect. More contemporary YA crime mysteries please!

Dead Jealous is a creepier and modern Nancy Drew with a more dimensional Nancy in Poppy and Ned in Michael. I highly recommend it to mystery and crime buffs like me and to everyone who has read and loved Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys while growing up. The Poppy Sinclair Thrillers are today's Nancy Drew Mysteries!

Dream Movie Cast

Can I just say how much I LOVE this game?! I’m one of those writers who always has pictures of people stuck to her whiteboard. However, it’s much harder to cast actors into the roles. Normally any I don’t restrict myself to actual actors… anyone who’s silly enough to have their picture on the web is fair game when I’m writing!

But anyway, I’ve done my best. Would love to know what you think or if you can think of anyone else you’d like to see in the roles!

Poppy: Elle Fanning. Think she can do a British accent? (I personally imagined Emma Watson but Elle's more age appropriate! I like this choice!)

Michael: OK, I’m cheating here… but don’t you think Finn Harries from Jacksgap Youtube Channel could fit the role?? (Yes, please! He even has the accent down. <3)

Go under the cut to check out Sharon's whole dream cast!

Tariq: Ali Zafar. Down, ladies!

Meg: Tina Fey. She’s just so darned funny. I think she’d make a really cool mum.

Jonathan: Benedict Cumberbatch. Weird choice? But Jonathan is kind of intense and weird!

Bob: Liam Cunningham. Everyone’s favourite grandfather!

Kane: Ramsay Bolton. Intense? Uhhh… yeah! (Oh yes! Ramsay Bolton's middle name is Intense!)

Beth: Evan Rachel Wood. It’s a short part, but it’s a good one!

So they’re my choices. What d’ya think? I think they are spot-on, Sharon!

About Sharon Jones

Undiscovered Voices 2012 winner, Sharon Jones, has been writing since childhood. While studying for a degree in politics and then a Masters in theology, she worked in two independent bookshops where she developed a love of young adult fiction. Sharon gained a doctorate in the theology of story whilst being den mother to 500 undergraduates and has taught courses on everything from the philosophy of education to the history of Neo-Paganism. Having lived in Liverpool, Cambridge, Warwick and Colchester, she now lives back in her native Lancashire with a giant white poodle, Harvey.

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  1. Thanks for linking to this review on Hot Off the Presses. I'm adding it to the list!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

    1. Thank you for dropping by, Jen! And that would be great! Dead Jealous deserves all the attention and love. :D

  2. Wow, I hadn't even heard of this book before. The trailer is uber creepy. I'm floored. This sounds exactly like the book I need right now!

    1. I'm so happy you got to know it then through my blog! <3 And yes, the trailer was so creepy I couldn't watch it twice. I was so scared! Hope you get to read Dead Jealous asap, Vivien! Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I have seen this one around, and it sounds good. But I haven't heard the best of things about it, and that scared me away. Now, after reading your review, I am all up in the air again! Should I? Shouldn't I? Should I? I just. don't. know!

    1. I think you should! But maybe that's just me because I grew up with Nancy Drew and I love mysteries. It's really creepily atmospheric and I love that aspect. Maybe you can try a sample first?


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