Spotlight: The Pavement Gardener by Nyla Naseer

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Check our Nyla Naseer's novel, The Pavement Gardener, a contemporary fiction which can fit into the new adult category. Its writing was described as contemporary and literary. Go read the blurb below!

The Pavement Gardener
Title: The Pavement Gardener
Author: Nyla Naseer
Publisher: Temblem Publishing
Date of Publication: May 3, 2013
Genre: contemporary fiction

Against the backdrop of the global economic downturn, the need for work brings Mara from Latvia to South East London. Working for Spencer in the Hungry Londoner CafĂ© is not easy—he’s a sleazy, woman-hating, low-life with no moral compass and a bad gambling habit and, when he goes a step too far, Mara tries to think of a way to get even.

One evening, Mara discovers mysterious drawings of wild flowers on the pavement of the Pendean Council Housing Estate and can’t stop thinking about who has created them and why…

Callum is a young Irish gardener, working in London. A handsome, enigmatic figure, his solitary efforts to bring beauty into people’s consciousness captivates Mara. Fate and unstoppable chemistry throw Mara and Callum together and start a chain of events that they quickly lose control of.

When Mara discovers Spencer is organising ‘back-room’ fighting, the pair plan an elaborate sting to part Spencer from his ill-gotten profits. The scam takes them ever deeper into the murky and dangerous world of urban fight gambling and challenges Callum’s understanding of who he is and what he wants from life.

The gripping conclusion reveals the unpredictability of human nature and how revenge can become a double edged sword. A story of outsiders, human frailty and self-realization.

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About Nyla Naseer

I write contemporary fiction and non-fiction. My work is somewhat 'hard to define' in terms of a single style; so I've embraced the title of the 'Elusive Author'.

My writing has a tendency to include social commentary; exploring issues using different genres. I write about the 'drama' of life: whether this is consists of daily uncertainties, the unintended consequences of simple decisions or the major milestones that influence the world we live in.

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