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Friday, June 28, 2013

Subject to Change (Picturing Perfect, #2)
Title: Subject to Change (Picturing Perfect #2)
Author: Alessandra Thomas
Date of Publication: June 25, 2013

Joey made her dad a deathbed promise that she would become a doctor, and dedicate herself to fighting the very cancer that took his life. There’s just one problem -three years into her pre-med classes, she's struggling to stay on top of the curve, let alone prove she's dazzling enough to earn a spot in an Ivy League medical school. In a Hail Mary move, she throws a basic Business 101 class into her semester schedule, banking on a perfect score to boost her GPA.

That is, until she’s paired for a final project with Hawk, the bartending, motorbike-riding, gorgeously bedheaded loser who falls asleep in class and communicates in one-word sentences.

Hawk does whatever he wants, whenever he wants, which sets Joey on edge – in every possible way. As they get to know each other, her urge to scream at him is curbed only by her fantasies of tearing his clothes off. Soon those fantasies become reality, and Joey realizes Hawk makes her feel more fully herself than any of the rich boys her mother and sorority sisters approve of.

But the promise to her father hangs over her head, and the harder Joey tries to succeed in her chosen career, the faster everything falls into a hopeless tailspin of bad grades, broken promises and guilt. It doesn't help to have Hawk sitting like a devil on her shoulder, insisting she should be free to live however she wants to live - like he does.

The only thing Joey knows is that her neatly organized life is crushing her - and Hawk's bad attitude might be the only thing that can save her.

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My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Thank you to Kelly of InkSlinger PR for the eARC of this novel! As always, only 100% honesty in my reviews!

I was supposed to post this review during release day a few days ago but decided on postponing it. Yes, I gave this book 3 stars but I was honestly going to give it 2 stars for most part of the book until certain scenes saved it for me and after thinking about the rating quite a lot. And I figured I didn't want to rain on Alessandra's release day parade (she's so cool!) so I opted to post this review another day. I still enjoyed the novel but I think I was in a critical mood the day I read it and so I noticed lots of stuff that didn't work for me. So my review format for today would be the likes and dislikes list! I'll list and expound on the elements that worked for me and then on those that did not. So here goes!

Things that I Liked in Subject to Change

1. Academic life. Subject to Change's take on the academic load and woes of college students was too real it kinda singed a bit of my heart. Joey's taking a pre-med course that's killing her because science is not really her forte. Organic chemistry and statistics are killing her and she just can't get that A even with all the hours she's slaving away studying. While my major was also science in nature and while I do love it so much, I can truly relate to Joey. I hate organic chemistry and statistics. Moreover, even people who love their majors still had doubts about it. Should I shift? Should I change my major? But I already put in so much time and effort on this course. Should I just see it through the end? Plus, the characters actually went to class! To the library! To the hospital to intern! Not just holed up in their sorority house or apartment shacking up. I really found everything about school life in Subject to Change lovely and achingly true.

2. Issues it tackled. Like most new adult novels, Subject to Change dealt with its fair share of issues. Sickness and disease, death, money, expectations, rebellion and family problems among others. So if you're wondering if this novel has depth, it has. Additionally, the resolutions to these issues were dealt with nicely.

3. Big ass gesture at the end. So I'm a sucker for big gestures to win over people IN FICTION. In real life, I hate surprises and being embarrassed in front of people but I truly enjoy reading and watching fictional characters blush and wish the ground will swallow them up while the love of their life even embarrasses him/herself more. The big gesture in Subject to Change is SO SWEET, it saved the novel for me. Seriously. Or because the gesture was done while in class.

4. Sisterhood/ Friendship among girls. Aren't you tired of women and girls being depicted as all catty? That girls don't have real friendships with other girls but are all secretly insecure and jealous of one another? I'm so pissed when I read girls fighting just for the sake of fighting or for plot. In here, we have tons of healthy relationships among girls and I just wanna hug Alessandra for writing them. I especially like Joey and Hawk's sisters bond.

Things that Didn't Really Work for Me in Subject to Change

1. Basis/pace of Joey and Hawk's relationship/non-stop sex. Sigh. Get this. This tattooed, eternally-late guy pisses you off and then next, you're kissing? Woah, stop right there. Where did that come from? Then they're all hot and bothered about each other. Then they jump on each other's bones. Sigh. I get it, tattooed bad boy who is an amazing cook and who actually has tons of baggage is hot. But from angry to ovaries exploding, ready to get it on the kitchen counter? Girl, what's that about? I seriously cannot fathom this relationship. For me, all they had was an intense sexual tension, physical attraction and lust for each other. I don't think it's love. Sure, when they got to know each other, they could have gradually started to love each other. But I don't know, I'm not convinced. It didn't help that it was scene after scene of nothing but sex. How would I feel the love from that? I felt like a list was being checked. Sex on the couch? Check. On the counter? Check. On the bed? Check. Where else?

2. Cover. Well, I'm not usually picky with NA covers. But I just think this is too much. I think it's more apt as a cover for an erotica book? But then, I already mentioned how much boning happens here so maybe it's actually apt.

3. Bad boy. I think it might be a case of wrong timing for Subject to Change. I think I got saturated with reading bad boys (who are actually good) that when I got to know Hawk, I didn't fall for him. Sure, I love me some guy who can cook, but that's it. I didn't fall for him and maybe that's another reason why I didn't like this as much as I thought I would. Because I didn't love the hero. A lot of my enjoyment of a romance novel hinges on me liking or loving the two characters and their relationship and romance. And since that didn't happen with Subject to Change, my enjoyment hugely abated.

Still, I would recommend Subject to Change to contemporary NA romance lovers. This is so steamy, by the way. So if you need that fix, go read this! If you're in need of a "bad boy" story, go for this! I still believe lots of you will enjoy this novel. I just think it wasn't for me or that it wasn't for me at the time.

About Alessandra Thomas

Alessandra Thomas is a New Adult writer who swears she was in her twenties yesterday. Since she's not, she spends her time looking back on her college years fondly, and writing sexy stories about guys and girls falling in love and really living life for the first time. When she's not writing, you can find her with a spoonful of ice cream in one hand and the newest New Adult release in the other.

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