Hear ye! Hear ye! The obligatory "Follow me via Bloglovin" post~

Sunday, June 23, 2013

So Bloglovin' already emailed me that with the imminent disappearance of Google Reader, I should probably make y'all followers go follow me on Bloglovin' now for updates. I have yet to set up my RSS but be patient as I'll sort that out soon. But you can go follow me on Bloglovin' my dear followers! It's on the sidebar! Thank you so much!

I am also on Facebook now so go like that one too! <3


  1. I keep seeing this Bloglovin thing popping up on sites... I'm still wondering if I should get it or not. Oh book blogging

    -Kate Tilton

    1. I am not too sure though. It's a blog reader as you can follow blogs and everything is in one space. Blogs then have followers so it's some sort of measure of viewer statistics as well. :) I'm still studying on alternatives! I really need to set up my RSS. Thanks for dropping by, Kate!

    2. You're very welcome Dianne!

      I currently have Networked Blogs, Linkys, RSS, RSS e-mail via Mailchimp, and e-mail subscription via wordpress. So I'm not sure I want to keep adding.

      My only major bummer is I had about 500 followers on GFC but lost it when I switched to wordpress.

    3. That's why I'm on Blogger, because of the GFC and because Rafflecopter can be embedded. I can't afford to self-host on Wordpress so yeah. T_T I've put several choices for following now though!

  2. Yay! Just going to follow you now!

    Charlie xx


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