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Friday, June 7, 2013

Faded, the second book in the Rock Star series by Mercy Amare, released this June 6. On my blog today is my review of the first book, Jaded, an excerpt from Jaded and a guest post from Mercy Amare. The guest post is ultracool as it's a scene written from another character's perspective. We have two giveaways too so let's get the ball rolling!

Title: Jaded (Rock Star #1)
Author: Mercy Amare
Date of Publication: April 19, 2013

I'm Scarlett Ryan.

Yes, THAT Scarlett Ryan.

I live an extraordinary life: millionaire rock star, owner of exotic cars, pictures of me in every magazine, millions of fans, and a name that is recognized world wide. It's supposed to be my dream come true. But, my life IS a fantasy, and I want real. I want exciting. I want... NORMAL. So, I moved from California to Florida, hoping to obtain some normalcy. Instead I find...

Stephan Montgomery.

He's an arrogant jerk. Seriously, I hate him. I swear if he tells me one more blonde joke, I will punch him... again... Unfortunately I can't stop thinking about him, or his gorgeous green eyes. Trust me, I know that he's bad for me. If only my heart would listen.

I also find out that my parents have kept a LIFE CHANGING secret from me. I need to know the truth.

The harder I strive for normal, the stranger things seem to get.

Jaded is book 1 of the Rock Star trilogy.

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I am very aware of Stephan's presence in study hall today. In fact, he hasn't stopped playing with my hair since class began. I turn around and swat his hands away.

“Stop that,” I whisper. “You're distracting me.”

“You like it,” he counters.

I narrow my eyes at him. “I know exactly what you're doing, Stephan Montgomery. And it's not going to work on me.”

“What is it you think I'm trying to do?” He questions with his eyebrows raised.

“You're trying to seduce me. And trust me when I say, I'm not an inexperienced high school girl. It's going to take a lot more than sweet words, kissing, and touching to break me.”

He smiles.

“And considering how much grief it took to get you to kiss me, I'm surprised you want more.”

He leans forward in his desk. “Trust me, Scarlett, you're a lot more than just a hook up to me. I want so much more.”

I want to smile at his words, but I don't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing he's got to me.

“What is it that you want?” I ask.

“I want you to be mine, and only mine.” He's very to the point, and that is what I like about Stephan. I never have to wonder what he is thinking.

I am unable to hide my smile now. “Why, Stephan, if I didn't know better, I'd say you just asked me to be your girlfriend.”

He shakes his head. “No. I'm not asking you to be my girlfriend in study hall. I will, soon, but when I do, it's going to be special.”

“I look forward to it.”

I turn back around in my chair, and try to focus on my homework in front of me.


My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

I have always had crushes on rock stars because admit it, they’re hot. But it really intrigued me as the main character in the Jaded series is a female rock star. Without having read Jaded, I then joined the tour to review the first book in the series, Jaded. So thank you to Tess of My Pathway to Books Tours and Mercy Amare for the review copy of Jaded!

Scarlett Ryan is a nineteen year-old rockstar and is the most famous at that. All her songs are on radioplay, she’s effin’ rich, drives a customized Lamborghini, best friends with super famous and super gorgeous Alec Torch, you get the idea. But she’s tired of listening and following her manager (conveniently or in reality, inconveniently, her dad) and her record label’s instructions and demands. She’s really talented and can play a lot of instruments but she only sings because that’s her image. She doesn’t like where her music is going too and she wants to play and sing her own songs. So she leaves LA and flies to Hope, Florida to come finish high school, enrolling as a senior. There she meets Ethan, the shy geek, and his complete opposite of a stepbrother, Stephan, the sexy bad boy racer. Can a rockstar ever be a just a normal high school girl?

So for all my rants about the same old tropes, I admit that I am still a victim of said tropes. No matter how many books or movies or shows are about celebrities or famous people living in with us or having an encounter with us mere mortals, I still gobble them all up. Yes, I don’t get tired of it even though I generally know what’s going to happen. I guess it’s the part of me that’s so into Hollywood and celebrities and films that makes me this way. So when I read the plot for Jaded, I knew I won’t pass this up. Plus, it’s a female rockstar! And for all my support to feminism, I still enjoy fictional bad boys. So that undermines said support to feminism but I don’t really classify myself as a feminist but I do agree with some of their advocacies and that was a complete tangent. So the point of all this is that of course, I enjoyed reading Jaded. Even though some of the plot arcs came from nowhere and seriously, from nowhere, Jaded was a nice escape from all the normal of my life. I will even consider it kind of campy. It’s a very quick read as well and you would want to read the sequel, Faded, right away. So why only three stars?

You see, Jaded is written in Scarlett’s point-of-view, in the first person. I know that’s not weird as many books do that as well but Jaded felt like Scarlett’s diary. So everything was direct, to the point, focused on the actions. I know that sounds like a compliment and it is, in a way, but I still like my descriptions and details when reading. I know not all fanfics are like that but Jaded felt like a fanfic to me. I enjoy fanfics, heck, I really really enjoy them and lose sleep over them as well, so I’m no way insulting anything here. It just felt like that to me, with the shortness and all that happened. But that’s not a bad thing and I actually admire Mercy Amare for packing in this short read with a lot of plot and issues. It tackled identity, freedom, college, friendships, parenthood, eating disorders, family, death and a whole lot more.

Scarlett had depth and her backstory’s really good too but I think Stephan’s backstory was even better. All of the characters here actually had dimension and their own personal histories which I greatly appreciated. Stephan is not just some bad boy racer but he has his own issues as well and even ultrakind Ethan has his own as well.

All in all, Jaded was a nice first book in the series as it completely established the characters and their motivations and wants. It was also a quick read yet rich with plot arcs and issues to be solved. While the writing left a lot to be desired for me (more descriptions and attention to detail), I did enjoy reading Jaded and I kind of regretted not signing up to review Faded as well. I recommend Jaded to contemporary romance readers who want their reads not 100% romance and to people like me who can’t stay away from anything with a celebrity character. 

Guest Post

This is the first time Stephan and Scarlett meets during study hall. It's written in Stephan's POV. Enjoy!

Scarlett Ryan is sitting at the desk in front of me. She looks different in person than I thought she would. She always looked so fake on TV, but in person she’s kind of gorgeous. I want to run my fingers through her long blonde hair, just so I can see if it’s as soft as it looks.

The rock star glances back at me, and gives me a curious look. I wonder if she knew I was staring.

“Why isn't the teacher... um... teaching?” She whispers.

I can’t help but smile at her question. She can’t be serious. I decide to roll with it. I lean forward in my desk, and ask, “Tell me, is the blonde hair natural?”

She rolls her pretty blue eyes. “Either you're stupid, or you don't watch TV. Everybody knows my hair is natural.”

Is she really that full of herself? “Feisty. I like it.”

She glares me me. “So are you going to tell me what I'm supposed to do, or what?”

“It's called study hall, Blondie. It's where you study.” I can’t help myself. I have to ask one more sarcastic question. “Can you even read?”

Her face turns the slightest shade of red, and I can tell she’s mad. “I can read just fine, thank you.” She turns around in her seat and faces forward.

I’m not done talking to her yet, so I take my pencil and I poke her in the back.

“Son of a bitch!” She yells as she rubs the spot. I didn’t poke her that hard. Realizing what she just said, she quickly mumbles an apology to the rest of the class. After everybody stops staring at her, she turns around in her seat and once again glares at me. “I hate you.”

I take both hands, and cover my heart. “That hurts.”

“Maybe you should stab yourself with the pencil next time. In the heart. That is how you kill an evil being right? A stake to the heart?”

I can’t help it. I have to smile at her comment. “I’m Stephan.”

“I’m Scarlett,” she says, sort of in a daze.

“I know... I heard your speech about shitting. It was a great way to start off my Monday. Very entertaining. I can see why you have so many fans.”

Her face once again turns red. “Well, it's very nice to meet you.” She turns back around in her desk, and pulls out her cell phone. I see that she’s on Twitter.

I pull out my own phone and follow her.

I think I’m going to like “Scarlett Ryan”.

About Mercy Amare

I am a YA/ NA author of the books: Don’t Tell, You Got Me, and the Rock Star Trilogy: Jaded, Faded, and Hated. I have a slight addiction to the TV series Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries. I'm 23 years old, and I currently live in St Louis, with my husband of 2 years.


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