Accompanying Tweets to The Lover's Dictionary by David Levithan: E

Sunday, May 19, 2013

David Levithan's now on F so it's time to post all the E's! Enjoy!

each, adv.:  With one word, any group or pair returns to individuality.

eager, adj.:  This should be a positive, a show of enthusiasm, but now it’s tinged by the fear that it will be perceived as neediness

earbash, n.:  What a perfect word for what your yelling does to me.

early, adj.:  We act as if there’s a relationship timetable and worry we’re rushing it, but in truth, we create our own calendars.

earn, v.: First you earned my attention. Then came my curiosity, followed by my affection, my caring, my trust and, finally, fully, my love.

ease, n.: Maybe my mom shell-stuck me by warning me not to talk to strangers; you see everyone who isn’t an old friend as a possible new one

eave, n.:  I often feel like I am on a stage, performing my life, and while you sit in the audience, my doubts drop on me from the eaves.

ebb, v.:  I feel you retreating from me and make a grab to hold you to me, but my hand only comes back with sand.

ebullient, adj.: We boil into happiness, push over the sides of whatever contains us, free to rise and rise and rise.

eccentric, adj.: Looking at a future together, it’s best to find someone who wants to be as brightly idiosyncratic in old age as you'll be.

ecdysis, n.:  I want the old skin to fall away, but I still want you to recognize me in my new skin.

echolalia, n.:  why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why?

eclectic, adj.:  If we had predictable tastes, we’d live predictable lives.

eclipse, n.:  When you feel I’m shadowing you, you burn brighter on the edges, furiously shining past my reach.

economical, adj.:  Don’t worry about the words you spend on me; it’s a limitless account.

ecosystem, n.:  We live off of the love, and the love lives off of us.  There is no hierarchy here, only symbiosis.

ecstasy, n.: Sensation so heightened that you are both here and there, in the moment and in every moment at once.

eddy, n.:  A relationship is a spiral that exerts a definite pull, but it’s not so strong that you can’t swim away if you must.

edify, v.:  To have build something together that will last, whether it be a place or a trust or a song or an unerasable joy.

edit, v.:  To add and subtract and replace words in order to get the closest possible distance from the story as its meant to be told.

editorialize, v.:  The thing is, if I keep my opinions to myself, then they’re all I'll hear.

education, n.:  Everything you learn comes in some way from someone else.

eerie, adj.: Which is stranger – that we buy the same obscure book in different bookstores on the same day, or that we make so much of it?

efface, v.:  With emotions I am much better at the bottle than I am at the mask; when the bottle opens, everything can be read on my face.

effect, n.:  You make me want to be a better person, but you can also make me feel worse for when I fail.

effervesce, v.:  I like it when we bubble together; there is no one I’d rather bubble with than you.

efficient, adj.:  Be suspicious if love ever leaves no energy wasted, because if love is real, you must supply much more than appears.

effigy, n.: I try to think of the shape love would take.  It wouldn’t be a heart.  The best I can come up with is a pulse.

effluence, n.: When we fight, we both act like rivers, sticking to our banks. Only as tributaries do we find our way back to love.

effort, n.: I'll show you that you're worth it.

effrontery, n.:  There is insolence in the pretending, offense when you give me a false face.

effusive, adj.:  I try to rein them in, but there are times when my feelings for you stampede.

egalitarian, adj.:  A hard word can disguise the easiest concept.

egg, v.:  Yes, sometimes I will dare you to do it, giving me at least some of the parentage of the misdeed that follows.

ego, n.:  The part of you that does not truly believe in anyone else.

egregious, adj.:  Ignoring me in private hurts; ignoring me in public burns.

eidetic, adj.:  There are times I worry my fantasy of us is much more vivid than the reality, because I think about it and detail it more.

either, conj,/adv.:  Sometimes this word is a choice and sometimes it’s an ultimatum.

ejaculatory, adj.:  “Oh wow!”  (In an Austen sense, the words mirror pleasure.)

eke, v.:  I must remind myself that sometimes you have to go through the worse hours to get to the better days.

elaborate, v.:  I want to know the details because what I’m imagining has to be worse, and if it isn’t worse, I need to know that, too.

elan, n.:  This word is a colorful scarf tied around your neck, carried by the breeze as you run, carefree, and I admire.

elapse, v.: Let this last so long it forms its own logic, where it’s only begun and has been forever.

elastic, adj.: You don’t have to bend something until in breaks. You can also bend it beyond recognition, useless even before it breaks.

elation, n.:  How sweet it is to be loved by you.

elder, n.:  I am your elder by exactly three months, but sometimes I feel that multiplied by forty.

elect, v.:  We vote with each of our day-to-day choices, and the person we gradually elect is the person we’re going to be.

electric, adj.:  The kiss that plugs you in to the universe.

elegant, adj.:  When we spiff ourselves up to the degree that we could be from any decade, that we could be walking into any ball.

elemental, adj.:  You are my helium, my iron.  My carbon, my oxygen.

elevate, v.:  Music takes me to a higher place.

elide, v.:  The longer you're together, the fewer sounds you need to make a word, and the fewer words you need to make a sentence.

eligible, adj.: Like we're all locked in a Cinderella contest, and the many rules have been burned in the fireplace for us to reassemble.

elimination, n.:  Love can not be a process of anything, least of all this.

elitist, n.:  You may have forgotten, but everyone starts by calling it “Hew-ston Street.”

elixir, n.:  “Of course I wish there was such a thing as a love potion,” I tell you.

ellipses, n.:  I read between the dots as you trail off, knowing full well where the trail in your mind is leading.

elocution, n.: The more we learn how to pronounce our emotions, the harder it becomes; the added weight of self-consciousness

elope, v.: You say, “I don’t want a big wedding—” I say, “—but I want our friends there.” Even if we don’t marry, it’s good to agree on this

eloquence, n.:  It is not the loftier voice but the true voice that wins when it comes to talking about love.

elsewhere, n.:  At least half of me is always here.

elusive, adj.:  You don’t need to hide to make me seek; I don’t need to lie to keep the truth far away.

emanate, v.:  We are two antennae in a crowded room, you broadcasting your displeasure, and me receiving.

emancipation, n.:  Push me too hard and I will want to be free of you.  Once that decision is made, it’s hard to go back.

emasculate, v.: Men get angry in cars because we feel it's our birthright to know how they work, even if our fathers were just as oblivious.

embalm, v.: We go out with that couple, and it’s as if they’ve sealed themselves into a relationship, trying to pretend it’s still alive.

embargo, v.:  There are times I withhold and it drives you crazy; there are times I withhold for weeks and you don’t notice.

embark, v.:  Love is the journey that asks you to begin without giving you any indication of how long it will last.

embarrassment, n.:  The minor-league shame you feel when something bad I do ties back to you.

embed, v.:  This is not the right place to be a casual observer.

embellish, v.:  There is risk, thrill, and sometimes reason in skating out onto the thinness of the lie that makes the truth seem more true.

emblazon, v.:  Baby, you’re a firework.

emblematic, adj.: Even after we fight, you always say goodnight.

embodiment, n.:  Sometimes my body is the vessel for all my fears; I look at it, and see all my doubts.

embolden, v.: There may be an initial cowardice in writing things down instead of airing them, but this is me gathering the speed I need..

embower, v.: I surround my heart with trees because I want that steady sense of life, the feeling of being hidden but still able to be found

embrace, v.:  Let us catch our beautiful foolishness and encircle it in the double-hold of our arms.

embroider, v.:  The stories we stitch onto our selves are the way we can engage a mind that’s not our own.

embroil, v.: Trouble raises the temperature.

emerge, v.: It’s not just that you bring out the best in me; I wouldn’t have known what the best in me was if you hadn’t helped draw it out.

emergency, n.:  When the need to leave must overpower the desire to stay.

emotional, adj,:  When you say “he’s so emotional,” it’s never a positive, and that says as much about you as it does about me.

empathy, n.:  The essential quality of realizing that everyone else is just as human as you are.

emphasis, n.:  There’s always the telltale syllable within the word, the intonation that reveals the inclination.

emphatic, adj.: I know it’s annoying, but I’d still rather we be stubborn about the inessential things, like whether or not to make the bed.

empirical, adj.: There is no point in making the bed, unless you have company coming over.

employ, v.:  All these words are our unpaid interns; we have them do our bidding, to give them the weight of experience.

empower, v.:  The remote control as metaphor: We are always choosing channels, even when we’re away from the TV.

empty, adj.:  Looming large in the arsenal of dark thoughts is the belief that I am, in fact, hollow, unable to feel things deeply enough.

empurple, v.:  Just the existence of this verb turns my mood a bright purple, like I’ve just had a sip of grape juice.

emulate, v.: Truth? When I grow up, I want to be a lot like myself, only grown up.

enabler, n.:  This word has become a negative, but what you inspire me to do is only a positive.

encampment, n.:  Let’s build a fort of sheets, and give the guards the night off.

encapsulate, v.:  She asks me what it’s like to be with you, and I tell her it’s never boring, which is for the most part true.

enchantment, n.: Harmony from discord, when something clicks into place outside of us and causes something to click into place inside us.

enclose, v.:  Some days, I need you to be my hiding place.

encomium, n.:  You will never let me praise you for longer than twenty seconds; everything after that is embarrassing, you say.

encore, n,:  It’s a rule of dating, too.  Always save at least one of your best songs for the end, if appreciation has been shown.

encounter, v.:  There are times I wish we were strangers again, just so we could relive that first thrill of everything knitting into place.

encouragement, n.:  I never want politeness from you.  I want the substantial belief in me that will give me the courage to deserve it.

encroach, v.:  It was very hard to navigate, the fact that we were both used to sleeping on the left side of the bed.

endangerment, n.:  That’s what love is, isn’t it?  A willful endangerment of one’s own heart, faith, and sanity.

endearing, adj.:  Sweetness without strategy; the accidental signs of caring I catch

endogamic, adj.:  Thank goodness love is now a matter of free will, because in other times, they never would have matched me with you.

endoskeleton, n.:  Without my belief in love, without my feeling this is possible, I will collapse in on myself.

endurance, n.:  If not stronger, at least what doesn't kill us leaves us alive.

enemy, n.:  There is no room for this word here.

energy, n.:  I have a finite capacity, so some days you’re going to receive more than others, depending on what else I have to do.

engagement, n.:  The period of deciding what ‘the rest of your life’ means.

engineer, v.:  Our love feels too complex to have been designed by us, but too particular to have been designed by anything else.

enjambment, n.:  You want to drive recklessly through the pause, either to avoid contemplation or to transcend it.

enjoy, v.:  It’s not just that I found I enjoyed your company -- I discovered I enjoyed my own company a little more when I was with you.

enlargement, n.:  I want to blow things up to scrutinize them, while you remind me it’s better to treat life at a lifesize level.

enlighten, v.:  The opening of the shutters in the morning before we leave bed, always followed by a knowledge of the day.

ennui, n.:  On the way out of the movie, you told me, “We are above that French kind of boredom.”

enormity, n.:  I think there is something profoundly beautiful about two very small things finding each other.

enough, adv.:  Not settling; it’s finding peace in the fact that nothing is ever total, that happiness can be underlying, but not constant.

enrapture, v.:  You might not possess me, but at this moment, you possess my every attention, my every nerve.

ensemble, n.:  We all play supporting roles, even when we think we’re the lead.

ensorcell, v.:  Our friend Andrew wants us to use this more; he also wants to be a wizard.

ensoul, v.:  What you do to my body is nothing compared to what you do to the part of me that transcends my body.

ensue, v.:  Our relationship is a consequence of you getting me to stop thinking all the time about consequences.

entangle, v.: We do not weave the web, but we choose where to put our hands and our feet.

enter, v.:  I was a closed door, so you walked through the walls.

entertainer, n.:  You don’t want applause, but that more elusive sensation of people saying good things long afterward.

enthrall, v.:  The first time love hits, we return to that infant fascination, suddenly realizing that shapes are objects, sounds are words.

enthusiasm, n.: Take me to the point that my excitement is uncontrollable.

enticement, n.:  Sometimes I’m in the mood for sugar, sometimes I prefer salt.

entirely, adv.: How can I ask you to know everything about me when I myself will never come close?

entitlement, n.: After you've slept beside someone for over a thousand nights, you should get some say in choosing the sheets.

entrapment, n.:  I took your smile to mean you were enjoying yourself, not that you were delighting in your imminent departure.

entreaty, v.:  The golden rule fails when you hate yourself.

entropy, n.:  As you get older, you will lose many more things than you will keep.  But that’s okay, if you keep the right things.

entwine, v.:  Sleeping becomes an effort of arranging limbs, balancing contact and comfort.

enunciate, v.:  When you slur and slide, I overcompensate with an obnoxious precision.

environment, n.:  Beyond nature and nurture, there’s the matter of noture, being defined by what isn’t there.

envoy, n.:  When we meet with your family, it is like I am an ambassador from your present life, hoping to make peace with your past.

epexegesis, n.:  I release roomfuls of words, all in the hope of finding the three that will build a door.

ephemeron, n.:  All my former relationships, compared to the one I am in now.

epibenthos, n.: Secrets grow in the depth of the darkness, unseen and living.

epicardium, n.: Don't treat the heart as porous; it has a thick skin.

epicormic, adj.:  Let us grow from the dormant buds; let us surprise ourselves in our own waking.

epidermis, n.:  The old joke still applies, because wherever you are, you are showing, whether you like it or not.

epiphany, n.:  You must realize how much I realize that I love you.

epistolary, adj.:  The power of handwriting, distilled into a gift.

epistrophe, n.:  Repeat to hold, insist to hold, plead to hold, step back to hold, return to hold.

eponym, n.: Just as explorers named newly discovered lands after the ones they loved, there are parts of me that should be named after you.

era, n.:  Some people mark time by where they lived or where they worked; I mark time by who I loved the most.

erase, v.:  Even after the words on the chalkboard disappear, there is always the dust, so much dust.

eristic, adj.:  You have to ask yourself:  Are the two of us defined by when we get along, or when we fight?

erosion, n.:  More often, it’s not a break so much as the steady dissolution of the love you had in common.

erotic, adj.:  Brush up against me.

err, v.:  To assume the words left unsaid can still be heard.

errand, n.:  A task you don’t want to do but do anyway because you don’t want me to have to do it.

erratic, adj.: The pulse of love is as much sporadic silence as it is tangible beat.

erudite, adj.:  You seem to think this has something to do with smoking.

eruption, n.:  When the lava of your disdain can no longer be contained, it hurts the most to think it was there the whole time, underneath.

escalate, v.:  I love you to the moon.  I love you to the moon and back. Instead of this game, let’s just love.

escape, v.:  Even when I am enjoying myself, I am looking for the exit.  Love is what reins in this impulse.

eschewal, n.:  “Tonight,” you slur, “I shall eschew carnality in favor of dozing.”  A minute later, you are snoring.

eskimo, n.: What poor Heather wanted us to know.

esoteric, adj.:  That drawer of knickknacks, all very odd but none of them ends in themselves.  My mind it like that drawer.

esquivalience, n.:  To leave the dishes there, as if they are sentient beings, capable of washing themselves.

essence, n.: I love the things that make you you; otherwise, I would love somebody else.

essential, adj.:  Not humor itself, but a sense of it; not affection all the day, but a sense of it.

establish, v.:  I know you want them, but ground rules only work when the ground doesn’t fall from beneath you.

esteem, n.:  When it doesn’t require too much faith to have belief.

estimate, v.: It should not feel like a trick question when someone asks you how long we've been together.

estrangement, n.:  The degree to which is it strange to be without you, even if you are right next to me.

estuary, n.: We will meet, but I will never disappear into you.

etch, v.:  Love doesn’t write on the surface – it carves into it.

eternal, adj.:  I will love you for as long as I exist.  That is the most I can offer: my own private always.

ether, n.:  The mass of uncollected thoughts; the substance of both possibility and longing..

ethical, adj.:  When I asked you why you mismatched forks, you said, “Never steal from your friends, and restaurants are not your friend.”

ethnography, n.:  “At the base level,” I say, “we were all raised by Sesame Street.”

ethogram, n.:  I catalog you to understand you, yes.  But I also do it so I can try to understand why I love you so much.

etiolated, adj.: Days when you only throw shade, and you can't even notice me fading within it.

etiquette, n.: The skirts we put on the real issues.

etymology, n.:  We are words in search of our roots, sounds with no sense of our history.

eudaemonic, adj.:  Behold the better demons of our nature, who lead us to frolic instead of fear.

eudaemonist, n.:  I do, in fact, believe that good actions will bring happiness.  Eventually.

euphemism, n.:  You think this will make you sound clever, but mostly it makes it sound like you shop for metaphors at Spencer’s Gifts.

evacuate, v.:  Before you burn the building down, be sure to leave it.

evade, v.:  The only way to dodge my questions is to pull back, and back, and back, until suddenly you’ll find I’m no longer there.

evaluation, n.: There's no checklist that can tell you whether or not a relationship is working; it's more of an essay question.

evanesce, v.:  The one that got away gets away; the bad patch smooths; the pain lingers for a time, but only for a time.

evangelize, v.: Nothing can turn you into a believer in love like experiencing love, that shift from abstract to real.

evaporate, n.:  When you turn up the heat, maybe I won’t burn – maybe I’ll just lift away.

even, adj.:  How odd when I take that tone, trying to appear in control but sounding like a dam about to break.

evening, n./v.:  It’s like the day has come home, opened up the bottle of wine, and is slowly unwinding from itself, cooling, leveling off.

eventful, adj.:  You like your martinis with a twist, and your parties, too.

evermore, adv.:  I want to believe we’re writing this story together.

every, adj.:  I love how often this is paired with “single,” as if you need to be individual for the accumulation to matter.

everyone, n.:  Sift all opinions before using to bake.

everything, n.:  I will never give you this, and will stay with you because I know you’d never ask for it.

eviction, n.:  Having a home also means having the fear of losing it.

evidence, n.:  If you feel like you’re building a case, the relationship diminishes.  Anything I say could be dismissed as circumstantial.

evil, adj.:  Don’t waste this word on the petty misdeeds.  Save it for true cruelty, and then fight it accordingly.

evince, v.:  You come into the room and I feel . . . buoyant.  I imagine a cartoon heart beating over my head, and didn’t care.

eviscerate, v.:  Breaking up doesn’t erase anything; instead it turns it into a different, barely recognizable form.

evocation, n.:  Your echoes are everywhere, to the point that it’s ridiculous to say that thinking of you is a choice.

evolve, v.:  Love grows from distraction to foundation, flutter to pulse, waterfall to river.

exacerbation, v.:  The soreness that comes from too much self-love.

exactly, adv.:  Perhaps I don’t want the perfect articulation, because then I would have only one thing to say to you.

exaggeration, n.:  It’s not that you lie; it’s that sometimes you see yourself living on a grander scale, and report back erroneously.

exaltation, n.:  Even though I didn’t agree with your list of favorite writers, I loved the way you talked about them.

examine, v.: Your fifth time over, I asked if you’d peeked into my medicine cabinet; you admitted to peeking on the second.

example, n.: You need to call me when you land.

exaptation, n.: When you love, you become the person the lover needs, even if it means rising above what you thought were your capabilities.

exasperate, v.: You are rubber and I am glue, so what I'm left with is a memory of all the times you've forgotten.

exceed, v.: I thought, in a vague, unquestioning way, that I was ready for this, but really I had no idea what it would take to love you.

excellent, adj.: I thought to excel I'd have to be faster and sharper than anyone else, but this word shows me it’s better to do it well.

except, prep.:  I had a wonderful time, it’s true, but it was a little less than it could have been because I wasn’t sharing it with you.

exceptional, adj.:  When a person is so extraordinary that you are willing to set your rules aside.

excerpt, n.: Every conversation with you is a small piece of the whole, and at the end, I only want to read more.

excessive, adj.:  At a certain point, flattery will get me nowhere.

excitable, adj.: When you are possessed by an idea, it's best if I don't ask questions until you've asked them yourself.

exclamatory, adj.:  When love hit, I rushed to tell my best friend, and then, choosing my words more carefully, rushed to tell you.

exclude, v.:  Sometimes to save face, sometimes to save time, sometimes to save our precious equilibrium.

exclusive, adj.: t was scarier for you, I know, but that made it worth more when you put my name at the top and erased the rest of the list.

excommunicate, v.:  To swear you won’t speak to your exes (i.e. in flirty manner)

excruciating, adj.:  The sound of the phone not ringing when you need it to be ringing.

exculpate, v.: I'll admit -- the longer I am with you, the longer it works, the less I think my earlier breakups were all my fault.

excursive, adj.:  I want us to have a love that travels and meanders.  I want us to have a love that takes us places, and takes its time.

excuse, n.:  A reason is a fact; an excuse always comes down to a lack of care and/or thought.

exegesis, n: A relationship is a mutual act of interpretation – your reading of me, my reading of you, and each of our readings of ourselves

exempt, adj.: When I’m not included in your rants, it makes me feel like I am immune from the craziness in the world, at least in your eyes.

exercise, n.:  When we ditched our gyms to lose some pounds off our budgets, we vowed to exert ourselves more, in less expensive ways.

exert, v.: We didn’t mean sex; we meant Prospect Park.

exfiltrate, v.:  I thought, after time, it would feel like I was joining your family, but mostly it felt like I was helping you escape it.

exfoliate, v.:  Yesterday’s argument becomes dead skin.

exhale, v.: Let go of the air, let go of the pressure. Feel it leave you, then try again. I can't do this for you. You must do it yourself.

exhaustion, n.:  When your synapses feel like they are on the opposite sides of a room crowded with the things you have to do.

exhibitionistic, adj.:  You’d think this would be you, who dances and carouses and clowns for the crowd.  But I want to be seen, too.

exhilaration, n.:  Moments when you can feel everything at once.

exhume, v.:  When we dig up our mistakes, we’ll find them largely gone. If we’re not distracted by the decay, we can learn from the bones.

existence, n.:  I will never find the meaning of life, but I hope to find meaning in what I do.

exit, v.:  In love, your closest one may be behind you.

exogamy, n.:  I never wanted to stick to my own bookish tribe.  I want the clan to expand and expand, in friendship and love.

exonerate, v.:  And when it’s going badly, when I hear that voice coming form my mouth, I start to think that maybe all my exes were right.

exoplanet, n.:  Other couples have their orbits, but they have no influence on ours.

exorcize, v.:  You don’t call them demons, but I hear them speak sometimes inside your body, bedeviling your better nature.

expand, v.:  It was the unwritten vocabularies – sights, tastes, the wordless sounds – that you had to pull me toward, curiously.

exparte, adj.:  I wonder if anyone else can ever be in my self-interest, and instinct tells me that you truly are.

expatiate, v.:  You are your own favorite subject.

expectation, n.:  You’ve never heard the song, but you think you know what it will sound like.

expedient, adj.:  How many times have we jumped to the kiss, relying on it to move the plot to safer ground.

expedition, n.: Apply Doctorow’s writing advice to love: We’re driving on a dark road, only seeing what’s in the headlights as we wind home.

expenditure, n.: All I want is some of your time.

experiment, n.: When it’s real, it feels a little different than before; no matter what your experience is, there is something experimental.

expertise, n.:  It’s really not a question of knowing how to screw in the lightbulb, but whether you can overcome the laziness to do it.

explanation, n.:  The hope that words can somehow ease confusion.

expletive, n.:  I don't mind when you drop them, but do mind when they're thrown.

explicit, adj.:  When desire is worded down to precision, the evocative provokes.

explode, v.:  There are times when I just can’t contain my life in my head, and it’s released as angry static against all bystanders.

exploits, n.:  Let’s do this one as a noun, not a verb.  Misadventure always trumps mistreatment.

explore, v.:  When you venture beyond your boundaries, you also have the opportunity to venture to new corners of your self.

exponential, adj.:  Nobody disputes that it’s “falling” in love; there’s no faster, headlong acceleration.

exposition, n.:  It would take years to tell the story of what came before you, so I must offer the telling details, the set-up of who I am.

exposure, n.:  I am a negative, but when you expose me to the right light, a picture forms.

express, v./adj.:  From what I’ve seen, expression rarely takes the fast track, and much prefers to ride the local.

expunge, v.:  To agree to forget the previous night’s fight when you wake up the next morning and it doesn’t seem that bad anymore.

exsanguinate, v.:  When you tell me what I don’t want to hear, I falter because the words are draining me drop by drop of all my certainty.

extant, adj.:  The initial excitement, the first document of our love, never goes away – we simply layer other things over it.

extemporaneous, adj.:  You catch me with an “I adore you” as I’m reaching for an apple in the market; I have no idea what I’ve done right.

extenuating, adj.:  I concede – sometimes the circumstances can’t be dismissed, but I’d much rather you control them before they extenuate.

exterior, n.: You say love us like a building and we fall for the facade, but I point out that the inside of any building is more important.

extinguish, v.:  I watch you, outside myself, as you delicately tend to my doubts, redirecting the oxygen away from the flame.

extol, v.: Your attempts to always make it on time; the patience while my mother tells you an endless story; the way you hold open the door.

extortion, n.: A game we play to see who'll get coffee. I say I recorded you singing 'Gangnam Style'; you say you caught me praising Bush.

extraneous, adj.:  The sight of you writing at the kitchen table, all concentration. A throwaway moment I decide to keep.

extraordinary, adj.:  To find peace, even for a moment.  By yourself, or with someone else.

extrapolate, v.: No love can be reduced to statistics; we act formulaically but are using many formulae at once, defying easy prediction.

extravagant, adj.:  When I finally made enough to not have to sit in the cheap seats every time.

extreme, adj.: It will never get so hot or so cold that I can't feel anything else.

extricate, v.: I catch moments of you testing how thick the cords are, what you might need to cut them. But we all do this, don't we?

extrinsic, adj.:  We don’t decide the weather.  We don’t decide the shape of the day.  We only decide how we live within them.

extrovert, n.:  How can you not worry about seeming strange to strangers?

exuberance, n.:  That part of the relationship when you are together in the sprint, exhaustion drowned out by the thrill.

exude, v.:  All confidence is largely a con, and when I look closely at yours, I can see the fear that it’s all a trick.

exuviate, v.:  I never miss my hesitations once they’re gone.

eyewall, n.:  Once you’ve hit enough of them, you never trust the calm within the storm.

eyewitness, n.: So much of my history resides in you now; so much of your history resides in me.

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