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Friday, April 12, 2013

Inspired by Tiff @ Mostly YA Lit's Delirium Week, I will be holding my own Delirium Week from April 17 (Wednesday) to April 23 (Tuesday). I recently got the books for review and what better way to actually read, finish and review them than making up a challenge? So for the Delirium Week, I'm thus challenging myself to read and review the whole series. I might be in the minority of the blogging world who hasn't read the series yet and please don't send pitchforks my way. But anyone who wants to do this with me can join by signing up in the linky at the end of the post!

For those who have read the books, you can still join us and sign up! We can discuss major plot points and/or opinions with every review on the comments section. And do you want to give your Delirium reviews some love? I'll have a linky with every review of mine where you can link your reviews so we have tons of reviews in one place! We can then check each other's review and opinions. Sounds so good, right?

Here's the tentative schedule for the week!

April 18 (Thursday): Review of Pandemonium
April 20 (Saturday): Review  of Delirium Short Stories
April 22 (Monday): Review of Requiem
April 23 (Tuesday): Video of Lauren Oliver reading an Excerpt

For the Team Wars, defend your team by filling out this form! Your responses will be posted in a debate style format or something to that effect. Don't let your team lose and fill out the form!

Moreover, if you have any features you'd like to see, now's the time to tell them! Just comment here on what you want to see (or tweet me or email me, anything works) and I'll include it in the schedule. Honestly, I'm running out of ideas so I need your mighty creative powers to make this #DeliriumWeek fun in all the right ways. :) Do you design clothes? Do you draw/paint/do art? Do you love to cook? Do you bake? Do you love to dress up? Do you write poems? We can feature anything Delirium-inspired!

And if anyone's kind enough, an event banner would be nice. I can't design to save my life so weee, if anyone's bored or has too much time in their hands (heh), feel free to design me a banner! I'll love you forever for it!

I'm still finding a giveaway sponsor (hee) but I do hope we get to celebrate this #DeliriumWeek with some prizes in store. Wish me luck! I got THREE signed bookplates to give away from Lauren! There will be THREE winners, each getting one SIGNED bookplate. Good luck!

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Lastly, join in on the deliria by using the hashtag #DeliriumWeek on Twitter!

Here's the linky. Join now~


  1. The reason why Delirium is probably the best book ever is because of the horrifying cliffhanger! I cried my eyes out knowing what happened to Alex. And also the end of Pandemonium, which left me speechless and made me gasp so loud, I nearly woke my sister up! (It was at night)

    1. Hi, Lava! I can't comment before because I haven't read the books yet but now that I've read Delirium and Pandemonium, I totally understand what you're saying! Both endings were really gasp-worthy. Thanks for dropping by my Delirium Week! <3


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