Character Interview: Jason Evans + Giveaway: Keeper of the Black Stones by P.T. McHugh

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Keeper of the Black Stones
Title: Keeper of the Black Stones (Stone Ends #1)
Author: P.T. McHugh
Date of Publication: February 26, 2013
Publisher: Glass House Press

Awkward in his own skin, shy around girls and worried about anything and everything, Jason Evans is just like a million other teenage boys in high school, with one very large exception: he has been given a gift that allows him to jump through time. A set of stones has fallen into his lap that gives him access to any place - and any time - that he chooses. But along with that gift comes the responsibility of stopping the man who is using those very stones to travel through time and change history for his own purposes. A man who is now holding Jason's grandfather hostage, and threatening the world's very existence. Jumping through time with his best friend and body guard, Jason must enter the world of Medieval England, learn its customs, navigate unimaginable danger, and help Henry VII win the Battle of Bosworth, in the name of finding his grandfather, rescuing a beautiful girl from the clutches of a corrupt church, and destroying the one man who pledges to turn history inside out.

Character Interview

How different was Medieval England from today? What did you feel when you first traveled back?

I'll be honest, I was petrified. Not just about the act of actually going back in time, but the possibility of never returning. It was completely over the top. All I can say is that we take for granted what we have today. Electricity, indoor plumbing, medicine, knowledge … none of that existed back then. It was a crazy, lawless place where the weak usually didn't survive. I wouldn't recommend it to the faint of heart.

What's your favorite thing about Medieval England?

Honestly I wasn't a fan of the era. The only reason I went was to save my grandfather. The people smelled terrible, the food was horrific, and the accommodations were dreadful.

You met Henry VII. We've only ever read him in books. How was he?

Thin, pale, sickly looking. I never actually spoke to him, because the only time I got into his tent I was under STRICT orders to keep quiet. But I saw him from a distance, and he wasn’t all that much to look at. I also heard him, though, and I can tell you this much – he knew how to order people around. He didn’t look like much, but that was deceiving. He definitely knew what he wanted. I think his looks probably made people think he was weak, but it definitely wasn’t true.

Your grandfather was held hostage during the book. What do you miss the most about him while he was gone?

He's the only family I have. I missed everything about him. Most of all his laugh, I guess. He could make me laugh at the worst of times, and it was tough having to get through all those situations without that.

If you could have three wishes, what would you wish for?

First to have my parents back. Second, for the Patriots to win two more Super Bowls before Brady retires, and third, unlimited wishes of course.


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