Unremembered Monday (1)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Today, I decided to join Unremembered Monday, to gear up for the release of Jessica Brody's Unremembered on March 5. So what exactly is Unremembered Monday? In the words of Jessica Brody herself:

In my new book, UNREMEMBERED (the first in a new sci-fi trilogy), the main character Seraphina, wakes up among the wreckage of a devastating plane crash of which she is the only survivor. She has no memories of who she is or her life before the crash but she soon discovers that her memory loss is not simply amnesia. Someone has been erasing memories from her mind.
Every week, Jessica features an author for a guest post and a giveaway. And every week, the question she asks is:
Which memory would you most like to be Unremembered?
Jessica now encourages bloggers to also join and so, I'm joining! I admit to having an ARC of Unremembered but I haven't read it yet because of school. But just know that I jumped up for joy and almost hugged my landlord (I restrained myself) when he gave me THE package containing Unremembered. Eeeeepp! Anyway, so without further ado, here's my answer!

This is by far my most embarrassing moment. I was in Grade 6, around maybe ten to eleven years old. I was a late bloomer so I just started wearing training bras or what we call here baby bras. Hmm, this is getting really personal. Heh.

So I was in the mall with my mom, in the ladies undies section. We were pressed for time so my mom just put the bra on top of my shirt and asked me to wear it so we can see if it fits. (I'm blushing just typing this post because this is so embarrassing.) So I was wearing a bra over my shirt when in comes my crush. He was with his older sister I think, accompanying her. So not thinking, I waved hi and said hello... only to realize I was wearing a bra on top of my shirt. Cue blushing and a life of eternal embarrassment. Of course he got shy too, seeing me like that (we're classmates) and me seeing him in that area of the mall. I just want to disappear at that moment. Haha! Good thing I changed schools come high school and he actually migrated to the US because I don't think I can see him anymore and not remember that day. We're Facebook friends and I still feel shy when I see his name on my feed. Eek, if I could only undo and unremember that day. Ha!

So that's it for my first Unremembered Monday! If you want to participate, head on over here for the details!


  1. Thanks for participating in Unremembered Monday! What a great story! That's SOOOO embarrassing!

    I will add to our widget and blogger round-up! :)


    1. Eeeepp! Thank you Jessica for dropping by my blog! <3 And yes. by far, it is simply the most embarrassing moment of my life, no doubt.


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