Top Ten Books I'm Thankful For

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Yey for my first Top Ten Tuesday in this blog! I might not be able to participate in this weekly as I haven't read that many books but I will do my best. Haha! Okay, so moving on... I know it's a cheat because I technically have 11 books in here but whatever, cut me some slack! Is it bad to be thankful for a lot of books? I tried to trim this down from 15 books so that's a feat! Without further ado, the top ten books I'm thankful for! (You can click on the cover thumbnails and it will direct you to the book's Goodreads page. :D)

Top Ten Books I'm Thankful For

The Little PrinceThe Secret of the Old Clock (Nancy Drew, #1)The Giving TreeLove You ForeverThe Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)Things Fall ApartThe Once and Future King (The Once and Future King, #1-4)The Lover's DictionaryFlowers for AlgernonThe GodfatherMrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

1. The Little Prince
I still reread this once a year or when I'm so down and every single time, I cry. Every single time, I interpret it differently. This admittedly, made me love reading. After reading The Little Prince back in high school, I just want to read. So thank you, Antoine de Saint Exupery. Thank you so much.

2. Nancy Drew series
After I was inspired to read by The Little Prince, I devoured Nancy Drew. Granted, it is certainly not the best series around but for my young reading tastes, it was the best. I mean, girl teen detective with her two fab best friends and just the most supportive boyfriend ever? Ned might be my first book crush. Aheehee.

3. The Giving Tree & Love You Forever
These two books taught me that children's books should not be snobbed. That some children's books, however short, are the best. My best friend and I cried in a FREAKIN' bookstore reading these two.

4. The Hunger Games series
The Hunger Games series is my first foray into the world of dystopic YA and I never went back. I love dystopian anything!

5. Things Fall Apart
This book made me question my religion and it started my questioning and doubting. Not of God but of my religion. Missionaries killing native people to spread Christianity? I still vividly remember Ikemefuna's death and how I bawled like a child in my dorm room.

6. The Once and Future King
Another one of those philosophical books that got me thinking. It got me thinking about wars and what really causes them and all those human struggles I've never even thought about before. Out of all the books here, this is the only one I rated four out of five stars (aside from The Hunger Games and Mockingjay and the Nancy Drew series) but its effect on me is still profound. I love this book.

7. The Lover's Dictionary
It is with thanks to this book that I discovered how awesome David Levithan is and how he instantly became my favorite YA author.

8. Flowers for Algernon
Having a little brother diagnosed with verbal apraxia and autism, I cried reading this because I know what it feels like. To have those around you that do not know his condition look down on him when I can't see any fault in him and love him so much. This was also my first novel wherein the author has changed how he wrote the book to accomodate the speaking capability of the persona/narrator/Charlie. It was a beautiful book.

9. The Godfather
Reading this made me pledge to name my hypothetical future son Vito, in lieu of Don Vito Corleone. That's how much I loved the Don and this book. Surely, I could have done without Johnny Fontane but this established my curiosity for all things mafia.

10. Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
Wherein rats made me bawl. I had to stop reading because I can't see anything from the tears in my eyes. I never thought an MG book could be this good until this. It's one of my first reads too.

And that's it! Do share yours too!


  1. I grew up with both The Giving Tree & Love You Forever! Great list! :)

    1. Thank you, Lily! I read it when I was already in high school but the effect was not lost. Thanks for dropping by! :D

  2. Little Prince! Fabulous. I love it so much that I've read it in English and Spanish and French. This year I'll try Italian. Wonderful story.

    Here's my Ten Ten Books I'm Thankful For. Stop by Readerbuzz and sign up to win a $25 Amazon gift card in my Gratitude Giveaway!

    1. Oooohhh, your books are all children's books!

      I wish I could speak another language but I can only do my mother tongue and English. Meh.

      Thanks for dropping by Deb! :D

  3. I never thought I'd like The Godfather, but I loved it, as will little Vito I'm sure!

    1. Me too! I was hesitant at first with regards to The Godfather but my friend forced me and I'm glad she did! Haha! Thanks for dropping by, Sophie! :)

  4. Most books I don't recognize, but definitely agree with The Hunger Games!

    My TTT / 200 Followers Giveaway

    1. Maybe I should put the author names. But I'm too lazy. Yeap, The Hunger Games really did start the dystopian craze. Well, that's what I think. Congratulations on getting 200 followers! :)

  5. Good call with the Nancy Drew series. I have so many great memories of reading those. And The Giving Tree, totally brings me back to elementary school. I am ashamed to say I have been holding on to The Lover's Dictionary for way too long and must get to it.

    I love your eclectic list. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. You have to read The Lover's Dictionary pronto! Do I sound demanding? Yes I sound demanding because really, you have to read it! Haha!

  6. aww i love the giving tree and I love you forever.. great books! and i picked hunger games too! New follower by the way! Check out our TTT ~ Katie @ Inkk

  7. I had to read The Little Prince IN FRENCH and that kind of ruined it for me! But I still remember (my very poorly translated) parts of it and it has such beautiful sentiments...that which is essential to the heart is invisible to the eye. Sigh!

    Flowers for Algernon is an amazing story - it's so clever how the narrator's capabilities gradually improve and then decline through the story.

    I loved Mrs Frisby as a child too.

    Here's my list:

    1. Do read it in English! :) Yes, I try to live by that quote.

      Flowers for Algernon was truly amazing. Plus, that thing with showing and telling, it was masterfully done. You know what, only a couple people I know appreciate Flowers for Algernon and Mrs. Frisby. I feel like we like the same books!


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