Spotlight + Guest Post: Boy Who Dreams by Mike Cesar

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Boy Who Dreams (Destiny Awoken, #1)
Title: Boy Who Dreams
Author: Mike Cesar
Genre: YA Paranormal
Released: July 13, 2012

Jordan a sixteen year old boy begins to be haunted by several dreams as he returns to school after his holidays.

Events come quick and fast as a death forces Jordan to realise that something weird is happening. With help from those around him he starts to understand that his dreams are showing him the future. Then things start to spiral out of control as an unknown enemy haunts him in his dreams and in his real life.

As his friends start to mysteriously vanish without any explanation, he has to overcome his fears of the unknown, and face a reality that he is not just a normal boy, but someone that is walking a destiny foretold thousands of years ago.

Guest Post

Hardest thing about character development

For me, I found the hardest thing was transferring how I see the characters in my head onto paper. What makes it worse is that in your head when you hear the characters speak, they all have my voice!! I guess this is why I spent a huge amount of time editing this book, I spent hours after hours sifting through the dialogue of the characters so that they each had their own unique expressions when the spoke. Apart from the obvious reasons for this, it means that a reader can get used to how the character speaks, and would even be able to tell who the person is by their tone and/or language without me saying who it was that spoke. Yet in reality, in real life, if we spend a lot of time with another person and like them, then quite often we can start to adapt to little quirks in how they speak. So perhaps when it comes to working on the dialogue in the next book in the series, the characters may reach a point where they start to mirror expressions. I want it to be as real as possible to life, but would characters mirroring expressions just make it all very complex for the reader? I haven’t decided about that yet!!

Also in this book I chose various ways in which a character can express themselves listed below:

-I used Italics for when a character is speaking to themselves with their thoughts to give the reader a glimpse into the character’s mind. I knew there was something weird about him.

-I used Italic & bold combined for when a character is talking but accentuates a word for example “I know exactly what he meant”

I know these methods are often used by other authors, but when working on dialogue and inner-mind dialogue, you need ways in which characters can express themselves so that the reader understand exactly what you meant. Or else the whole meaning of the situation could be lost in the failings of the text.

About Mike Cesar

Cesar has a very experienced background in the spiritual world. He was brought up in a Christian family, but branched out from that base as he got older, seeking answers about the world around him, and the spiritual world around him. In his mid-twenties dramatic events occurred in his life which challenged his very existence, but he learned from these experienced and most of learned that how that life is not just in our own hands. Now Cesar is a firm believer that everyone has their own path to walk in life, and part of that walk is all about the choices that you make. Some people choose a good life and some a wicked life, but most of us live the life in the middle, influenced by the world around us and our own upbringing, Cesar understands that life is simply not black and white.

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