Review: Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

Monday, November 5, 2012

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was tempted to give it a 5 because I freakin' enjoyed it so much. But then, I feel kind of shallow if I give this a five because I had a rule to give fives to books that are with depth or made me crazy from feeling all these emotions I never knew. Well, this book made me crazy but it's all from giddiness and happiness. I was seriously smiling like a crazy teenager while reading this book. It's just that it just hits the perfect buttons to make me go squeal in anticipation, in happiness and with Galen's hotness. Haha! This book rocks so much. I mean, I feel bashful for being so into this story and for this type of stories since I'm eighteen now but, whatever, I can unapologetically like and love what I like and love. Haha!

So if you just want some fluff and a very rewarding read, go read this. Be warned though that it's the first book of what seems like a series or trilogy or whatever. I didn't know that when I started reading this book out of excitement. I read the first chapter somewhere and it immediately made me want to read it asap. As in, my grabby hands need to take hold of this book STAT! And so, when I did, I read it continuously and was panicking when there's a lot more in the story to explore but only a few pages for me to read. Only to discover that yeah, it's the first book and it was published recently. Which means I will have to wait eons for the next book. I sorta regret reading it now, when the series is not yet complete. But oh well, it was time well-spent so no regrets at all. But darn that cliffhanger! Ugh!

I can't wait for the next book! And Anna Banks is fast rising to be a must-watch author for me! I love her style of writing. Kudos to Anna Banks for a fan-flipping-tastic debut novel! (For those who read the book, see what I did there? Haha!)

And woah, my review isn't spoiler-free and it isn't long and it isn't deep. Heehee. :D

And hell yeah, mermaids, I mean Syrenas (sorry about that Galen), are the new in! <3

*Originally posted last May 28, 2012


  1. Just stopping by to say thank you for signing up for the 2013 Standalone Reading Challenge - best of luck to you!

    Congratulations on creating your blog :)


    1. Thank you too, Britta, for dropping by! :D Fingers crossed I'll finish the challenge! It's my first time to participate!


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