Review: Mindscreens by Sylvia van Bruggen

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Title: Mindscreens
Author: Sylvia van Bruggen
Publisher: Simply Blissful Press
Release: Date April 21, 2012 

Jessamine Harper has it all: University course she loves, job as a Top-level Healer and dream man in the form of desirable Professor Lucas Corwin; but when Corwin breaks down and is taken away by the Mindcops, the world that Jessamine knows begins to unravel.
Does the boy she hates, Ben, hold the key to her past as well as her future?
Can she escape the clutches of the Mindcops herself?
Only time will tell, and does Jess have much of that left?
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"What's the emergency?" An equally snappy voice answered straight away, "Healer Harper, report to Med-Office at the south entrance. Slip and fall, going through scanner now, but judging from the bone sticking out I'd say it's broken." Grade A injury, good thing I hadn't eaten.

"I'm gonna miss class, you have to report me!"

"Not my problem, now scoot along."

I pushed my Jotter into my bag, shouted: "Medical emergency!" and started to run down the hallway. Left, right, down the stairs, swerve around some slobbering kissers, and then down the long corridor to the Med-Office, my voice getting hoarser and hoarser from shouting at people. The curse of being a Grade A Healer, only getting called when there's a big emergency. Better learn how to run fast if you want to save someone's life.

My Review

My Rating: 4/5 stars

I love futuristic worlds, especially if it's a revisionist's view of the world. Sure, I like fantasy and getting engrossed in worlds the author has given to me and I am left to imagine, but I also love reading and imagining the world I live in today to be sort of different. And here is what we get with Mindscreens. At first, I was at a loss since there are terms for their new hi-tech equipment but you can guess everything from context clues. And that is such a feat for me. I was disorientated at first, sure, what are these Mindscreens? These Jotters? But as you read and get smacked down right in the middle of this world, there's no time for thinking. In a flash, you get it.

So what are Mindscreens? In this world, in this London, you can't think privately. Because even if you don't speak, what you think is presented in Mindscreens all around you. If you have progressive and rebellious thoughts, you will be found and you will be punished for it. If you're badmouthing your classmate as you think she's a whore for apparently being the girlfriend of your professor, then she can see it. Sure, an hour or so after recharing your energy using the Meditation Pad (ugh, how I wish we have that in real life!), your emotions can't be read but still, you get the picture. Professors teach by projecting their thoughts on Mindscreens. If that ain't cool and nifty.

So enough with my spazz about this world. Let's get down to business. This was a breezy read, because you just want to know what's gonna happen! So I read it fast and boy was I rewarded! The characters are great, the writing fit for the genre, with no awkward out-of-character moments, overall, this novel is pretty good. My only qualm would be that it's really short and that I wanted more. And maybe a little more meat to the ending. It just happened so fast. Still, a good read! I have yet to join a book blog tour with a meh novel to review and this just intensifies my want to join as many book blog tours in the future.

Anyway, I have an exam later as I am writing this and I haven't even studied for that. Gah, sometimes reading books for leisure kills my grades. Well, all the time. Reading this snatched my time!

So I suggest you go and purchase the book if you haven't! Or join the giveaway so you might win and you can read it!

About Sylvia van Bruggen

Sylvia van Bruggen is a fantasy/science fiction writer, poet, avid blogger and artist. She is the founder of Playful Creative, a website for creatives who want to work through their mental blocks and who want to learn how to play with their writing. She has self-published a novella, two poetry books, and her poems and short stories have been published in various magazines. She currently writes a fantasy novel, and she works on publishing another poetry book. She lives in the Netherlands with her husband, two cats and several novels in various draft stages.



  1. It always seems like the books you just want to be over are never-ending, but the ones you just want to keep on reading seem to be 200 pages too short. Ah, the travesty. I had not heard of this book before now, but it definitely sounds interesting. And it sounds like it was a pretty good one, too! I may have to head over to Goodreads and Amazon and do some searching!

    1. Do it, Jaime! Read it! This is short too so you'll breeze through it. Thanks for stopping by!


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