Review: All the Doors to Hollywood and How to Open Them by Anne M. Strick

Monday, November 19, 2012

All the Doors to Hollywood and How to Open Them
This book is for anyone interested in a job in films or television, and for those movie buffs who want to know backstage secrets, and how movies are really made. It is a book of interviews with those indispensable behind-the-screen people - the electricians, grips, truck drivers, scenic artists, make-up artists, graphic designers, carpenters, construction workers, seamstresses, costumers and special effects wizards - who make movie magic actually happen. This book tells what they do, how they do it, how they got their jobs ad what adventures they've had. It is a book for all those fans who want inside stories about their favorite actors and the films they've made. It is a book for all those who dream of joining the Hollywood world and have the everyday skills required to work in the industry - which, surprisingly, most of us already do. In shot, this is a book for everyone.
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My Rating: 4/5 stars

Have you ever wondered what all those people in the long list of credits in a movie do? I know I've asked a lot of questions regarding that. What is a gaffer? A key grip? Seriously, what's their job? But I guess I wasn't curious enough because I never bothered researching about it. And then this book came along. Huzzah!

Anne M. Strick just offered a beacon of light in any confused minds of what gaffers and key grips do. Or how there are tons of art directors in a single film! There's a construction, a scenic, a supervising and the production designer is a whole different person. I mean, this book is so enlightening and you will learn a lot. I am fond of movies (isn't it obvious) and this gives me a peek, however how small, to that world.

The book is formatted like an interview. Sure, it doesn't make any way for creativity but I think this book is more of a documentary. Strick asks questions, fun and interesting ones at that, and she also asks the person to explain what his job is. Perfect! It was fun to read about how the movies you've watched are actually made. And you get to know which actors are truly kind.
So I suggest this book for anyone who asked the same question I've been asking ever since I've seen a film credit roll and for those who wants to go to the movie business. You will truly enjoy this book.

About Anne M. Strick

Anne M.Strick has spent over twenty years in the movie industry. She has worked for Universal, Warners, Paramount and EMI, as a Unit Publicist, Project Coordinator and National Publicity Director, and with such Hollywood legends as Jack Nicholson, James Earl Jones, Sean Penn, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Lynch and Dino De Laurentiis, among many others.

She has been a Congressional speech writer, published articles, theater reviews, short stories, two non-fiction books (one an international best-seller), two novels, and the highly praised ("remarkable") critique of our adversary legal system, Injustice For All. Born in Philadelphia, educated at Bennington College and UCLA, she lives in Los Angeles.

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